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10 Best Anime Characters Who Can Transform Into Cats

Some anime characters can become one of culture’s most precious pets, pet cats.

Anime personalities can have a wide variety of wonderful capacities, varying from superpowers that give them substantial advantages in fight to unique abilities that might only be useful in a handful of scenarios. One such unorthodox capacity is becoming a cat.

While the majority of felines in anime are pleasant friends or lovable housepets that keep the heroes company across their journey, there’s a surprising number of human beings that can turn into pet cats. Some of them can turn into one at the decrease of a hat, while others have feline-like attributes that set them apart from the rest.

Rokumon Has Three Forms (Rin-Ne).

In Rin-ne, Rokumon is a feline kid who went into a contract with a Shinigami called Rinne that helps dead people reincarnate. Since he’s a black feline, he’s loyal to his Shinigami as well as always sustains him.

Rokumon has three kinds, among which is a pet cat. He also has a humanoid form, yet he still remains the dimension of an ordinary housecat whatever. He likewise has a demon kind, in which his head ends up being huge as well as is adhered to by a path of ominous clouds.

Cheshire Is Inspired By The Cheshire Cat From Alice In Wonderland (Pandora Hearts).

Cheshire from Pandora Hearts was originally a black cat who was provided to Alice as a present. Clearly, he’s motivated by the iconic personality from Alice In Wonderland. Nowadays, Cheshire takes on a humanoid form as well as rocks gothic fashion.

Still, he kept some of his feline attributes like his pointy ears, claws, as well as precariously sharp fangs. Remarkably, Cheshire still puts on the belled collar that he put on when he was a pet cat. And also, he’s still fiercely safety over Alice, regardless of having actually changed right into a human.

Ichigo Momoiya’s DNA Is Merged With An Iriomote Cat (Tokyo Mew Mew).

Ichigo from Tokyo Mew can turn into a black feline, though her DNA is fused with an Iriomote. After becoming a pet cat, the only way she can reverse is by kissing a person.

Most of the moment, nonetheless, her improvement just offers her a cat’s tail and also ears, so she still maintains a humanoid form. Ichigo’s change sequence is among the flashiest in the collection considering that her feline qualities only appear after a spectacular display of rainbow light and sparkles.

Tamako Is A Cat Specter From The Underworld (Isuca).

Pet cat ladies are most definitely not a new principle in anime, yet Tamako from Isuca is unique. She’s a two-tailed cat Specter from the Underworld. She has several cat-like top qualities, like her double tails and also pointy ears.

She additionally acts a lot like a feline. She’s very protective of Shinichiro and also has actually continued to be devoted to him given that he saved her. She attempts to mix in with “regular” women, her feline character frequently endangers that, specifically since she meows at the end of every sentence.

Atsushi Can Turn Into A Tiger (Bungo Stray Dogs).

Like all the characters in the series, Atsushi from Bungo Stray Dogs has a special capacity. He can turn into a tiger, but he was not aware of it for most of his life. This brought about years of ostracization, loneliness, as well as getting kicked out of his abusive orphanage.

He calls his capability the “Beast Beneath the Moonlight,” and it enables him to transform right into a white tiger. He’s gotten to the point where he can regulate the capability, and also he can even select which body components to become a tiger, like when he turns his hands into claws.

Haru Becomes A Cat After Entering The Cat’s World (The Cat Returns).

Haru from The Cat Returns took place a journey with the Cat Kingdom that was absolutely peculiar, yet it was still a wholesome tale. After going through the site to the Cat’s World, she reduces down to the dimension of a pet cat. And also, she expands ears and a tail.

She initally embarks on this trip since she conserved the Cat King’s kid, Lune, from obtaining run over by a truck. When the King got her to wed Lune, she didn’t anticipate anything in return but was surprised.

Blair Is A Magical Cat (Soul Eater).

Blair from Soul Eater is a magical feline that can transform right into a little purple feline with radiant yellow eyes. It looks like absolutely nothing can separate her from her signature witch hat, which she also uses in her pet cat form.

In her human type, she resembles a typical woman, however she still has a purple tail as well as cat ears, instead of human ears. She maintains the ears concealed by her hat, but the tail is a bit harder to disguise. Interestingly, she takes pleasure in taking bathrooms, despite the fact that pet cats usually hate water.

Yoruichi Shihouin Prefers Being A Cat (Bleach).

While it’s vague why Yoruichi from Bleach can develop into a cat, it’s rather evident that she prefers being one. She develops into an average-sized black feline. Yoruichi has actually stayed in feline form for as long that she forgot all about human standards, and also neglected the significance of wearing garments considering that she never needed them as a feline.

If someone makes fun of her cat-like appearance, Yoruichi will take it personally as well as will certainly do anything to secure it. When her tail was harmed, she was rightfully furious.

Sleepy Ash Is A Slothful Cat (SerVamp).

Sleepy Ash from Servamp acts like a careless feline, even in his human kind, so it’s ironic that he develops into a black pet cat when he’s subjected to sunlight. He’s the Servamp of Sloth, so he’s always tired and also would rather play computer game than take care of battling. Though, this could be because he’s a pacifist who rejects to drink blood unless he definitely requires to.

Because he becomes a black cat, he’s also called “Kuro,” implying “black” in Japanese. In his feline kind, he’s a fluffy black pet cat with defined hair lines and also his trademark black under-eye circles.

Kyo Is The Zodiac Cat (Fruits Basket).

Kyo from Fruits Basket is the Zodiac Cat. When he’s hugged by somebody of the opposite sex, he’ll develop into an orange tabby pet cat. Like the rest of the Sohmas, the only factor he does this is as a result of their family members curse.

His real form is kept at bay since of his white and also red bracelet. When it’s removed, he transforms into a monstrous beast, as well as even he’s embarrassed of it.

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