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10 Disney Characters Who Never Got A Solo Movie (But Probably must Have)

Numerous Disney characters are impressive sufficient to star in their very own films.

Disney films commonly have well-liked protagonists who lug their stories, whether they’re princesses, royal princes, or perhaps pets. Nevertheless, often the side personalities, bad guys, or love rate of interests are just as interesting and leave followers desiring more.

Occasionally a personality’s background is most intriguing, as the occasions of their past form them into that they are and influence their inspirations. On the other hand, some tales are simply getting going, and also it would be interesting to see where the characters enter spin-off sequels.

Flynn Rider Grows Up A Thief (Tangled).

Flynn Rider, or Eugene Fitzherbert, is the burglar that sweeps Rapunzel off her feet as well as aids her leave her tower to check out the real world. As one of one of the most nice Disney princes, several Tangled fans would certainly love to see more of Flynn, particularly his humble starts.

As an orphan, Eugene matures reviewing tales to other youngsters. To make a far better life for himself, he becomes a burglar, always on the run from the police before his final grab, Rapunzel’s crown. It would be interesting to see a motion picture starring young Flynn and also his adventures prior to meeting his princess.

Zazu Serves The Royal Family For Decades (The Lion King).

Zazu is the imperial assistant as well as a red-billed hornbill to Mufasa as well as Simba. He’s hilarious, up-tight, and also sexy– his tale might go numerous ways. He can have an innovator film, revealing his youth and also exactly how he developed into the bird he is in The Lion King, perhaps growing up together with Mufasa.

He could additionally have a sequel after The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride, assisting as Kiara takes over from Simba as well as ends up being the queen of the Pridelands. With a personality as versatile and also unfortunate as Zazu, he can undoubtedly get into sticky situations at any kind of age that would leave followers laughing.

Jafar’s Past Descends Him To Evil (Aladdin).

Jafar is the bad guy in Aladdin. He’s the advisor to the Sultan, that’s secretly wicked and outlining to take control of the throne. His hoggish, power-hungry personality originated someplace, and it would certainly be interesting to see his life prior to he finds his rough diamond.

He might’ve had a hard youth, or was absolutely a relied on as well as good advisor up until one event shifted his point of view. Numerous followers wish to learn more concerning the villain’s past and also how he became corrupt. A prequel film might also humanize him, getting him compassion if he’s deserving.

The Madrigal Triplets Discover Their Powers At Such A Young Age (Encanto).

The Madrigal triplets from Encanto, Julieta, Pepa, as well as Bruno, gain their powers at five years of ages, the initial generation in the Madrigal family members that Casita blesses. Julieta’s food preparation can heal any injury, Pepa can regulate the weather, and Bruno can see the future.

It would be riveting to see a film concerning the triplets as kids as well as how Abuela finds their powers. The youngsters dealing with their capacities, having a hard time to control them, and also understanding and expanding would certainly make an extraordinary coming-of-age story regarding personalities followers currently like and also understand.

Frozone’s Powers Warrant A Spin-Off Hero Story (The Incredibles).

Frozone, or Lucius Best, is Mr. Incredible’s best friend and also partner in (quiting) crime. He has the power to collect dampness and also transform it right into ice. He’s hilarious and relatable, and he as well as his spouse rapidly came to be follower favorites in The Incredibles.

Many followers would certainly enjoy to see a spin-off superhero tale starring Frozone as well as his family, thinking his kids have powers like the Parrs. A second superfamily, filled with various abilities and hilariously rowdy youngsters to drive Honey up the wall, would create a great film.

Mushu Fails As A Guardian And Is Demoted (Mulan).

Mushu is the feisty and enthusiastic dragon who acts as a guardian spirit for the Fa family. However, prior to deserting to confirm himself and also his worth through Mulan, the various other guardians state that they benched him for stopping working an ancestor, which caused his death.

Mushu’s fall from grace would explain his overly-eager-to-please state of mind and also the events leading up to his time with Mulan. His past as a guardian would certainly produce a little heartbreaking and also amusing story that would give insight into exactly how the dragon became that he is.

King Triton’s Loss Results In Human Hatred (The Little Mermaid).

King Triton, the king of the sea as well as Ariel’s papa, displays an extreme disgust for humans throughout The Little Mermaid. He forbids his curious young daughter from going near the surface area, lest a human area her, and is utterly furious when she loves Prince Eric.

Years prior, people eliminated Ariel’s mom, Athena, which gas Triton’s worry and disgust. Their backstory, describing their relationship and also her best demise, would certainly provide fans a much deeper understanding of his rather overbearing parenting design and why he questions life over the sea a lot.

Sisu Experiences Kumandra At Its Best (Raya And The Last Dragon).

Sisu is the energised, vivid, and also self-deprecating “last dragon” of Kumandra that aids Raya conserve their world from the Druun as well as bring life back. Before the initial intrusion of the bad plague spirits, dragons strolled the earth and also compromised themselves to create the Dragon Gem, conserving all the human beings.

These occasions occurred centuries before Raya was born, so viewers only obtain a glimpse at life in Kumandra when it was its most grand. It would be remarkable to see a film starring Sisu as well as illustrating a globe filled with dragons, magic, and consistency up till the intrusion of the Druun.

Boo’s Future Is Unknown (Monsters Inc.).

Boo is the charming, pony-tailed little girl that steals Mike and Sully’s hearts in Monsters Inc. when she follows them right into their globe. At the movie’s end, Boo returns to her space, entrusted to a caring bond with the two monsters.

Lots of fans wonder what takes place to Boo and also exactly how her time in Monstropolis influences her as she matures. Boo’s future is unknown, and although fans have concepts about that she matures to be (including Abby from Turning Red and Violet from The Incredibles), it would be wonderful to get answers about the little woman that altered monsters’ lives.

Meg Faces Betrayal And Heartbreak (Hercules).

Megara, or Meg, is Hercules’s love passion and also Hades’s prisoner, who is made use of as lure to trap the young hero. Meg as well as Hades refer to her life prior to she marketed her soul, describing that a previous companion betrayed her and also broke her heart after she gave her life to conserve his.

She’s general one of the finest Disney characters, specifically for young girls. Her past is mysterious and interesting sufficient to necessitate a spin-off leading up to the popular flick.

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