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5 Most Exciting Family-Themed Manga!

Manga stories about family themes are not as popular as superhero themes or magic or other themes. This can be seen from the popularity of the Boruto series: Naruto Next Generation, Jujutsu Kaisen, Chainsaw Man, or even One-Punch Man. However, this has changed since Tatsuya Endou’s manga, Spy X Family, exploded among manga lovers.

Telling the story of a “unique” family, namely the Forgers, readers are invited to various unusual family situations but wrapped in suspenseful action and romantic and funny things. However, of course there are other family-themed manga that might be a reading reference for all geeks. Anything?

A Bride Story

Set in the 19th century along the Silk Road connecting Europe and Asia, the manga A Bride’s Story presents something different from most manga stories. At its core, this manga revolves around the stories of various family couples or brides along the Silk Road and their unique and interesting traditions. One of them is the couple Amira and Karluk.

Amira is a 20 year old woman who is very good at riding and archery. Her husband, Karluk, is a 12-year-old child who lives in a remote area near the Caspian Sea. The story of a young couple bound by two families is one of the interesting elements in the manga. There are also elements of Southeast Asian culture that appear in the story. Charming detail art makes geeks will not get tired of seeing it.

Sweetness and Lightning

Kouhei Inuzuka is a single father as well as a busy teacher. In the midst of his busy life, Kouhei is still trying to provide the family warmth that his daughter, Tsumugi, wants after the death of his wife. Because he can’t cook, Kouhei often buys food from supermarkets which makes Kouhei sad.

Kouhei finally accepts an offer from one of his students, Kotori Iida, to learn to cook at his family restaurant. This manga presents an example of family warmth through cooking at home, which is often overlooked in real life or in manga stories. Through this cooking, Kouhei also presents a family relationship that had been lost.

Love so Life

Since the death of her mother, Shiharu has grown up in an orphanage which is the beginning of the emergence of love for children. Shiharu dreams of having her own daycare, and she even goes to work part-time at a nursing school. One day, Shiharu receives an offer to look after a pair of two year old children for a fairly high fee.

The offer came from his uncle, Seiji Matsunuga. By relying on his experience of taking care of children in an orphanage, as well as his memory of his mother, Shiharu tries to evoke a family feeling in the two children. With Shiharu’s help, Seiji was finally able to breathe a little easier. And their relationship is quite close.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride

Chise Hatori, a 15 year old girl, has the ability to see creatures from other worlds/worlds. As a result of this power his life turned into a lot of suffering. This ability is also what made Chise finally abandoned by his parents when he was young. Without thinking, Chise decides to sell herself to find a place she considers home.

Chise is then sold to a monstrous creature named Elias Ainsworth, where Chise is then considered his assistant as well as his fiancé. Chise and Elias then go to a fantasy world where someone like Elias resides. Even so, Chise learns something that family can be found anywhere even if it’s not a real family.

Somali and The Forest Spirit

Family love relationships can transcend many boundaries. In the Somali story nad the Forest Spirit, the love affair of the family transcends even the boundaries between species. In a world where humans are practically extinct and mysterious creatures become rulers, one of these mysterious creatures then meets a human child in the forest he is guarding.

The creature decides to leave its role as a forest ranger and joins the search for other humans, in the hope that he can find Somali’s parents. The two build a father-son relationship through the adventures that occur in the story.

Family may often be associated or identified with a place or people where we were born. However, the truth is, families don’t have to be like that. Like the manga story above, a family can arise or be formed by anyone and at any time through a warm relationship, no matter whether it is normal or traditional.

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