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5 Shonen Anime Characters that Got Shafted When the Action Heated Up

Since shonen anime usually have huge casts, some characters are eventually bound to obtain shafted when points get heated up. Here are a couple of instances.

Shonen anime are popular for having big casts of well-liked and also vibrant personalities. Nevertheless, due to the fact that these schedules are so large, sometimes seemingly significant personalities will certainly be brushed aside to give more screen time to others. Or possibly a particular personality’s function just isn’t meshing well with the present direction the story is heading in.

Despite the reasons, numerous still can not assist but really feel ripped off when a relatively essential character is set aside– especially throughout the anime’s most significant minutes. Below are a few personalities from shonen anime who got shafted when the action started warming up.

My Hero Academia’s Midnight Gets More Fanservice Than Action

Twelve o’clock at night is a Pro Hero and also instructor at UA Academy, the most effective hero institution in deep space of My Hero Academia. She’s one of the few employee who obtains a respectable amount of emphasis, and plays an also bigger role in the spin-off collection My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.

Regardless of this, she gets little to no on-screen fights in the mainline anime. It commonly feels like her role in the collection is simply to give fanservice and also absolutely nothing else, which is rather disappointing as there don’t appear to be several female Pro Heroes working at UA.

Bianchi from Reborn! Went From an Assassin to a Gag Character

Aside from the initial large action-focused arc, she is often delegated to the history. Whenever the Tsuna and his close friends discover themselves in a rut attempting to figure out what other giants to hire into their cause, they never when consider asking for Bianchi’s help.

Instead, she winds up spending a lot of her screentime doing home duties with the other female characters as her importance reduces more and more with time. Later episodes of Reborn! would treat her even more like a gag character rather than the potential danger she remained in her introductory episode.

Seeker x Hunter’s Leorio Still Doesn’t Have His Own Arc

Kurapika would certainly experience the exact same fate; nevertheless, unlike Leorio, he still got to play a significant function in the “Yorknew City” arc and the Phantom Rouge movie. Unfortunately, Leorio still hasn’t obtained any arcs devoted to him as of this writing.

Gintama’s Otae Has Never Shown Her Incredible Strength

Otae is feared by several personalities in Gintama for her toughness, which has caused her earning the respect (begrudging or otherwise) of lots of people. However, that strength tends to be made use of more frequently as a gag as opposed to something to be dealt with seriously.

Consequently, whenever the stakes get high and the characters begin to buckle down, Otae is nowhere to be seen in the middle of all the action. This begs the question of whether Otae is truly as solid as others assert her to be, or if she’s just so solid that having her obtain involved in Gintama’s most significant battles would have them finish prematurely.

Ukyo from Dr. Stone Rarely Got to Use His Greatest Abilities

Ukyo is originally built-up to be among one of the most awesome members of Tsukasa’s military throughout the “Stone Wars” arc. With his unparalleled archery skills, superhuman hearing and also high degree of knowledge, lots of Dr. Stone followers were anticipating to see a huge, flashy fight between him and Senku’s pals. This ultimately does not happen– and also he does not even get the possibility to participate throughout the Stone Wars once it finally begins.

Ukyo did procure a couple of possibilities to shine in the manga later on down the line, however probably not to the very same level as Tsukasa’s various other generals. With the manga formally ended, it’s not likely he’ll ever obtain any even more opportunities in the future– unless the maker decides to write a sequel series.

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