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A Star Wars Theory clarifies the Importance of Jedi Robes

In Star Wars, the Jedi robes are among the most identified outfits in the franchise business, yet one theory might have clarified a controversial element of it.

When the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy struck movie theaters, followers could ultimately see the Jedi Order in their prime. Not just were they introduced to more faces as well as tales, yet they were likewise made aware that the robes Obi-Wan Kenobi used in A New Hope were actually none besides the bathrobes he likely wore as a Jedi. Instead than this being a brilliant link, it elevated much more questions like why Kenobi would certainly repaint a target on himself or why the Jedi would certainly put on the very same clothing as Owen Lars, yet one theory might have lastly discussed why the rags of an inadequate moisture farmer are also the clothing that the Jedi have actually worn.

According to Reddit theories Sidiousfancasting, the Jedi’s choice of clothing was tied straight right into their belief system. Doing so would allow the Jedi to have a stronger connection to The Force and the globe around them, yet why would not other Jedi put on these bathrobes?

While not confirmed, Jedi like Aayla Secura as well as Luminara Unduli likely used their attire to represent their culture while additionally adhering to clothes that prevailed for much less rich people. As this had not been relatively a rule, it left space for much analysis. This was best shown with Anakin Skywalker, that, potentially as a means to rebel versus the rules he felt were pointless, chose to wear dark leathers as opposed to fabric. No matter the beliefs, battle was what eventually transformed the Jedi outfit for life and additionally their fate.

The Clone Wars transformed the galaxy permanently, particularly the Jedi. Those that were when guards of the tranquility had given that become warriors, as well as their outfit proved that. While they still used their bathrobes, the Jedi also needed to embellish armor plating to safeguard them. They additionally brought more advanced devices in their utility belts than bare basics. While this aided maintain them active, the Jedi had actually likewise lost touch with their link to The Force. This enabled the Dark Side to seep in by means of Palpatine and eventually tear them apart from the inside.

As for exactly how this concept made clear any complication with the Original Trilogy, Kenobi’s clothes reflecting Owen’s even after the Obi-Wan Kenobi series really did not repaint a target on him. Being that all lower-class people frequently used robes, his clothes worked as the excellent disguise. This was additionally why he really did not transform after he left the world due to the fact that regardless of where he went, no one would’ve believed he was a Jedi, but using it also verified that he was still linked to The Force even nevertheless those years.

The clothes of the Jedi knights was a effective but subtle instance of unity and heroism in the galaxy. While it evolved over the centuries, the principle of bathrobes was never shed on the order. Consequently, it includes in the principle that they put on the attire of the lower ranks to comply with their beliefs. Although some Jedi never ever followed the very same system of beliefs to the letter, their actions included in this idea as they had their own clothing that was likely as well as simple just as simple to discover.

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