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Alex Cody Foster: Where is Ghostwriter Now?

With Netflix’s ‘Running with the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee’ discovering all the infamous technology mogul’s crazy years on the lam, we get a real insight right into his complicated being. Besides, whether it be his personal life, material use, odd actions, or relatively manipulative methods, it radiates a light upon every facet through not simply raw footage yet also interviews. Among those to hence include in this initial docudrama to aid press the story along is none aside from ghostwriter Alex Cody Foster– so now, let’s learn more concerning him, shall we?

Who is Alex Cody Foster?

It was when Alex was 20 that his trip as an author truly started despite the fact he was already dealing with editing and enhancing his initial publication at the time due to the fact that he ‘d instantly found an advisor. A chance encounter at a coffee shop had actually led him to enable a stranger to read a part of his in-the-works memoir– including tales of his travels, being homeless in Los Angeles, and also affluent links. The unfamiliar person really turned out to be a distinguished storyteller, and she was so satisfied by his innate talent that she decided to lead him toward the ideal path to the very best of her capabilities.

Alex for this reason landed a task as an Editor at a now-defunct Seattle-based crossbreed publishing business called Booktrope in very early 2013, just to progress into a professional ghostwriter over three years later. “We’re the history people that write books for celebs, political leaders, rock celebrities,” he clarified in the documentary. “All individuals who are as well active or not gifted adequate to compose their very own sh * t.” It’s why John McAfee had hired him too, particularly as his undeniable abilities, passion for wonderful stories, and effort had currently made him a lot of success within a fairly brief period.

Where is Alex Cody Foster Now?

In Addition To John McAfee, Alex has and also apparently continues to function alongside princes, celebrities, billionaires, doctors, business owners, and also prominent advocates across the globe to inform their stories. As a result, from what we can inform, the New York-based ghostwriter is really operating at not just the top-ranked Reedsy along with Gotham Ghostwriters currently, but he’s additionally freelancing. As if that’s inadequate, Alex is also the Founder of Ghostwriting University (July 2022), where he supplies on the internet courses to help applicants get into this market and afterwards keep their standing.

We should mention Alex has composed eight Amazon # 1 bestsellers, however he’s now gearing up to have his very own name get on a cover– his book ‘The Man Who Hacked the World: A Ghostwriter’s Descent into Madness with John McAfee’ will be released in November 2022. You can check out his internet site to learn more on this title, his entire process as an author, in addition to his extra work.

Coming to his individual life, the food as well as traveling enthusiast is presently in a satisfied, healthy relationship with a female called Samantha. “I’m a damn author, as well as yet there is no series of words or sentences and even web pages that can precisely describe the method I feel regarding you,” Alex openly penciled for her on their anniversary in very early January 2022.

” It was always intended to be a cliché, a point for romance novels as well as shitty Hallmark films, seeing the love of your life for the initial time. Because that’s simply how I really felt when I looked at you, like I would certainly looked at as well as loved you a thousand times in the past.

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