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Alex Gonzaga-Morada shares journey of her first pregnancy

Alex Gonzaga and Mikee Morada

Just days after she opened up about her miscarriage of her first child, actress Alex Gonzaga shared her journey to motherhood through social media.

In his recent vlog, Alex uploaded details of her milestone, from the time she and her husband found out about it to breaking the good news to their families.

Alex started the journey of her first pregnancy during a vacation in Batangas.

“I was having major cramps too, but my period never came,” she said.

When they got home, she did a pregnancy test, wherein the result proved her hunch.

“Tatay ka na Mikee!,” Alex teased the politician.


The social media darling shared they were both excited that they immediately told about it to their families and a doctor.

“Although we were advised by our doctor not to announce it yet until the end of the 3rd trimester. But we were excited talaga ih!”

In the video, the couple’s parents, relatives and friends were happiness, most had tears of joy.

“The next day we went straight to the doctor because a week before I was having major cramps. My doctor told me that we have to wait another two weeks for another ultrasound session. But she said that I am most likely three weeks pregnant and will be experiencing a lot of morning sickness. I haven’t told anyone from my wok except for my boss. Pero may kutob na sila,” she shared.

“Before our 2nd ultrasound, Mikee wanted to take another pregnancy test to confirm. Excited talaga siya.”

Alex pointed out they were so happy about starting their own family soon.

In fact, Mikee would always kiss her tummy.


However, after two weeks, the ultrasound showed there was a gestational sac, but there’s no embryo inside.

“We went straight to our doctor. She told us to wait another 2 weeks to see if our pregnancy will develop.”

But the “saddest day” of their life came when they found out that there was no development.

Alex said she felt heartbroken for Mikee.

She admitted feeling like a “failure” for disappointing her husband.

But then, the politician assured that it was no one’s fault.

“Pag naalala ko lang yung moment na sinabi na ng doctor na parang yun nga, hinimas niya yung legs ko, kaya alam ko na may something… I know that Mikee is waiting outside. Dun lang ako sobrang na sa sad kasi I know, hindi lang ako ang may gusto.”

Alex explained they documented their experience is to show people that hope springs eternal.

And things just happen.

Netizens were quick to extend their comforting message.

Actress Ivana Alawi even commented: “In Gods perfect time! We love you (heart emoji).




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