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Are Alex Hall and also Gio Helou From Selling the OC Friends

Netflix’s ‘Selling the OC’ is a reality collection that revolves around the employees of The Oppenheim Group’s office in Orange County, California. As a part of the exact same franchise business as ‘Selling Sunset,’ the show provides visitors with an insight right into the realty market in the region that the show is established. Nevertheless, the major stars are the agents whose expert as well as personal lives definitely create an enjoyable watching experience.

Among one of the most significant arcs in the program’s initial period was the connection in between Alexandra “Alex” Hall as well as Gio Helou. Their one-of-a-kind as well as charming personalities certainly add to the amusement variable of the collection. Therefore, followers are curious to recognize more about their time on the Netflix program and their formula with each other. Well, we are right here to respond to the exact same and also inform you whatever that we know.

Alex Hall as well as Gio Helou’s Selling the OC Journey

With the initial few minutes of the initial episode of ‘Selling the OC’ period 1, viewers obtain an insight right into the personalities of Alex as well as Gio and their vibrant. Considered that they both evidently have substantially extra experience than most of their other co-workers, Alex and also Gio certainly felt a bit affordable towards the other and would make bantering comments. However, it was not till the Launch Party of their new office that their less-than-ideal vibrant began materializing.

Tiffany Helou (L) and Alex Hall (R).

Gio’s attractive other half, Tiffany Helou, accompanied him to the Launch Party of The Oppenheim Group’s Orange County office. While followers certainly saw a bit of an uncomfortable minute between her as well as Alex, it ended up being worse than people had pictured. An instant later on, Gio was hosting a Broker’s open on one of his listings which Alex participated in. Gio took a moment to take Alex apart and then told her what his other half had actually relayed to him. Obviously, Tiffany had actually been coming in for a large hug in the direction of Alex, however the real estate agent purportedly offered her the cold shoulder. He securely mentioned that despite the fact that his better half had not asked him to challenge Alex, Gio himself really felt an obligation toward the event in order to protect his partner’s honor.

Alex maintained that she had no idea what Gio was talking about and that she did not slight Tiffany, at least intentionally. Despite Gio’s attempt to maintain the discussion private, the rather public setting of the fight made all his colleagues interested. After cooking in it for a while, Alex determined to speak with Gio by taking him aside for a private conversation throughout the Office Party held at the coastline. As expected, points did not work out, leaving a sour preference in their mouths.

Given Alex and Gio’s less-than-ideal trip on the show with each other, followers wonder to understand what their present-day dynamic is. Did the whole case placed a stress on their obvious partnership? Exactly what was their dynamic like? Are they real friends or just maintain a co-working partnership? Offered the number of inquiries to unbox, allow’s leap right into the responses.

Are Alex Hall as well as Gio Helou Friends?

The relationship between Alex Hall and Gio Helou can be termed as cordial coworkers at the very best. Both of them have certainly critiqued the other’s work either to the cameras or their coworkers.

When Alex arrived at Gio’s house, he commented that he was relieved she was there because he did not think she would come. The party was not free of drama, but it did not evolve into an argument between Gio and Alex.

Since then, Alex and Gio seem to have come to a mutual understanding. It will be interesting to explore Alex and Gio’s dynamic more if ‘Selling the OC’ gets renewed for another season.

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