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Are Whitney and also Lennie From My Big Fat Fabulous Life Still Together

‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ is a truth television show that narrates the fascinating daily life of Whitney Way Thore. It complies with Whitney as she embraces her qualities proudly and also takes a stand for body positivity in the face of fat-shamers.

Whitney Thore’s dating life has actually been just one of the important focuses of her fact program. Because its premiere in 2015, she has actually had many relationships. Among her essential connections at the start was with Lennie Alehat. The couple stayed the central focus for over a year before separating in 2016. Nevertheless, Lennie’s return in period 10, coupled with their strong dynamic, made followers question if they’ve returned together. If you are curious about the very same, here’s every little thing you require to know!

Whitney and Lennie’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life Journey

Whitney took place her initial day with Lennie in period 2 of the show in September 2015. Lennie Alehat is an artist and also painter that advertises his deal with social media as well as makes money by payment. Throughout periods 2 via 4, he achieved a reasonable amount of recognition, as well as it should be claimed, he expressed a desire to paint Whitney’s portrait too. The couple appeared to have significant chemistry as well as progressed quickly when they started dating not long after their initial date.

Whitney even wanted to relocate with Lennie, however a game evening with her close friend Buddy as well as his then-girlfriend made Whitney reevaluate their connection. However, the pair ultimately broke up in season 3 in 2016, following an alleged adultery ordeal. Although they went across paths a couple of even more times afterwards, they were always amicable, as well as Whitney was constantly free of charge of Lennie.

In period 8, Lennie paid a shock visit to Whitney’s house only since he was close by, increasing the possibility of their reconciliation. He proceeded by saying he wanted to make sure Whitney was okay after learning about her break up with her ex-boyfriend Chase.

However, Lennie’s return in period 10, made followers perplexed concerning their dynamic. It was then revealed that Whitney worked with Lennie to help with her on the internet health and fitness video clips. While Whitney at first appeared awkward when Lennie picked to dance with one more girl rather than her, she later on claimed, “Lennie may do what he desires, I’m not jealous.” Seeing them so polite on the screen once more, lots of began asking yourself whether Whitney as well as Lennie are dating again or are they simply buddies working together?

Are Whitney and Lennie Still Together?

No, Whitney and Lennie do not seem to be together. Another showed Whitney posing in a tropical setting with Lennie and her brother Hunter.

Nevertheless, we should note that season 9 saw Whitney dating a French guy she met on a language exchange app. They slowly got to talking, as well as after getting to know each other well, they entered a long-distance relationship. The last episode of period 9 gave audiences a peek right into Whitney’s decision to lastly go to “The Frenchman” in Paris after dating on-again-off-again for some time. She later announced her connection publicly via an Instagram blog post and also a few traveling images, with an inscription that reviewed, “I spent six weeks in Paris. I did fall in love. I am in a connection and also I’m incredibly happy!”

Nevertheless, although Whitney recognized in period 10 that her and also Lennie’s connection could be confusing, she did guarantee her followers she is still with her French sweetheart, whose identity remains under covers as a result of his choice. As seen on the show, she confirmed, claiming, “I simply actually want to clean up, though. Like, our partnership is not even unusual. It’s not also improper. Naturally, fortunately my boyfriend is very not envious and extremely not fretted about you at all. I revealed him a photo of you as well as he was like, ‘Oh, never mind. I’m fine.'”.

When asked by Lennie if they were in an open partnership, Whitney completely disagreed and also claimed that the only point open in their partnership is her heart. She did not post many pictures with her French boyfriend recently, we infer it is mainly because they are dating long-distance and he lives in Paris. Hence, going by the previously mentioned aspects, unless both confirm or else, our team believe that Whitney as well as Lennie do not seem to be together and are only functioning pals featuring in the season.

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