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Blowzee Shark Tank Now: Where Is Blowzee Today?

‘Shark Tank’ season 13 episode 13 saw Mark Apelt looking for a financier from amongst the Sharks for his item, Blowzee. Allow’s dig deep right into the product information and also trace its growth, shall we?

Blowzee: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Surprisingly, Mark Apelt isn’t the only founder of Blowzee, as business has a 2nd silent partner that chooses to stay behind the scenes. Ever the loving papa, Mark, a Richmond resident and also a University of Virginia graduate, found himself accompanying his son, Jake, to numerous birthday celebration events. While each event adhered to the custom of the birthday child burning out the candles on their cake, one such celebration alarmed Mark as well as the various other parents as they clearly saw the spit fly from the child’s mouth as well as arrive at the cake’s icing.

Being fairly rigorous about health, the occurrence obtained Mark assuming, and therefore, after the event, he obtained some moms and dads with each other and revealed his problems. The majority of agreed with his point of sight, Mark quickly recognized that there were no items to use an option to the issue of manually blowing candles. He soon came up with a concept for a prototype yet concerned the conclusion that because birthday cakes are the only food put through this treatment, such an item would certainly refrain from doing well in sales.

When the COVID-19 pandemic took the globe by storm, Mark located himself restricted to his home with a whole lot of complimentary time on his hands. The pandemic had actually encouraged individuals to care a lot more regarding hygiene, and also an option approach to blowing candle lights was unexpectedly not such a negative idea. Hence, Mark and another Richmond daddy put their brains with each other and came up with the idea of Blowzee. Nonetheless, the road to the end product was arduous as well as long as Mark as well as his partner had to go with many designs and models prior to touchdown upon something that functioned.

A Blowzee is formed precisely like a tube with a fan on one end and a hole to blow right into on the various other. Blowzees are lithium-battery operated and can not be cleaned in a dishwasher, they can be easily cleaned and also recycled without the worry of infection.

Where Is Blowzee Now?

When Mark Apelt and his silent partner perfected the design of Blowzee, they posted it to the freelancing network, Upworks. To their surprise, a designer from Michigan was thrilled with the style and also turned it into a working item. The co-founders figured that they would have to manufacture Blowzees from China as no other nation had the sensor they desired. Mark was taken aback by the reception as hundreds of individuals opted to use the device at their birthday celebrations when the completed product was introduced in the market.

Furthermore, the New York Post likewise included the item, which drew even more attention towards it. Quickly, the founders recognized that they required to increase their manufacturing in order to satisfy demands. Additionally, the popularity of the product additionally caused it obtaining featured on shows and also publications like ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,’ ‘Elvis Duran and the Morning Show,’ NPR’s morning version, and also The Daily Mail.

In an initiative to broaden their consumer base, Mark connected up with a couple of pastry shop stores in Richmond, which now equip the product. With Mark now looking for to put Blowzee on the shelves of other significant grocery store chains, the item will surely witness even much more success in the future.

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