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Boruto: Amado Is Otsutsuki?

Everything that is happening at this time in the story in the manga series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations seems to be according to what Amado had planned for a long time. Amado has always been a mysterious figure throughout the series, where he is suspected of plotting something evil that might threaten the peace and sustainability of the Shinobi world.

Apart from Sumire Kakkei, no one seems to be suspicious of all the activities Amado did while in Konoha – apart from everyone including Naruto who didn’t believe him. A figure as intelligent as Amado seemed impossible to move suddenly. Amado must always take into account every move he plans.

Amado is known as a scientist who is very genius, where he is able to create a human hybrid whose strength is able to match the power of Otsutsuki. This can be seen from the figures of Eida and Daemon, whose strength is clearly beyond that of ordinary humans. The strength level of the two is considered capable of being equivalent to the strength of an Otsutsuki.

Actually, this is not the first time that a special character has been presented in the Naruto franchise. One of the other extraordinary figures introduced in the story is Hidan from the Akatsuki group. Hidan is a follower of a sect that worships the god Jashin, who grants him immortality in a terrible way, namely bloodshed.

Unfortunately, in the Naruto Shippuden series, the figure of the god Jashin was never introduced in the series. So, there is no really valid information about the figure of the god. Even so, his strength can be assumed to be very powerful because he is able to grant immortality to his followers, which in this case is Hidan.

This is also the same as what Amado did, where he gave “immortality” to Boro. He is also able to resurrect Delta and create creatures like Eida and Daemon. This of course raises a big question, is Amado from the Boruto story the Jashin god figure in the previous story?

Although for now there is still no definite answer to this question, there are several points that might be considered as clues to prove that Amado could be the figure of the god Jashin who has been worshiped by Hidan and his followers. Besides Amado being the creator of figures like Borot, Daemon, Delta, and so on, Amado also managed to heal Kawaki’s arm very easily.

What’s also amazing is how Amado gives Kawaki a new Karma that is completely a weapon. This new karma gives Kawaki various techniques or abilities of Isshiki, including his Doujutsu. In fact, when Kawaki still had the Karma Isshiki seal, Kawaki was unable or did not have the power of the Doujutsu.

These extraordinary things seem similar to the things that Jashin gave to his followers, such as the immortality given to Hidan. Also, what’s interesting is that the symbols used by Amado and Jashin are really very similar. In addition to the possibility that the figure of Amado is the god Jashin who is worshiped by Hidan, there is also the possibility that Amado is an Otsutsuki.

Assuming Amado’s current age is in his late 40s or 50s, it is possible that Amado has been working for Jigen for 3 to 4 decades. Logically, no matter how smart Amado is, it seems he can’t possibly create a cyborg that can match the strength of an Otsutsuki if not for a lot of experience.

Or the shortcut is Amado is an Otsutsuki, one of the Otsutsuki whose stone tablet was destroyed as shown when Sasuke left the Isshiki dimension. Katasuke and Orochimaru are two other intelligent figures who exist in the Naruto world, but their achievements cannot surpass those of Amado.

Orochimaru himself his greatest achievement was creating Shin Uchiha and of course creating Mitsuki. With Amado capable of creating advanced cyborgs with the power of Otsutsuki, the question is where did he get the ability to do this? Then, in the story, the earthling who was able to match an Otsutsuki at that time was Kaguya.

Kaguya is the one who betrayed Isshiki and then ate the chakra fruit. Kaguya is an Otsutsuki, which means she can instill a Karma seal on any human or vessel she chooses. Amado may be a figure or container that Kaguya inherited the power of Karma. This can be seen from how well Amado understands and how deeply Amado can know the composition of Otsutsuki’s body.

That way, he is then able to increase the strength of the human body to be the same as the Otsutsuki’s body strength or even imitate various things that are part of the clan such as the power of Karma. When talking about Jashin, we were shown how Hidan received black marks on his body which then turned dark like Karma users.

So, the conclusion is that Amado could be the figure of the god Jashin who has been worshiped by Hidan and his followers. This can be seen from several things that can be a clue. In addition, there is also the possibility that Amado is a part of the Otsutsuki clan, which can be seen from his understanding of the Otsutsuki body.

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