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Boruto: Is this the original planet of Otsutsuki?

In the story in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generation series, the biggest threat on earth today is no longer from shinobi or other ninja villages, but from outside the earth. Specifically, the big threat comes from the Otsutsuki clan introduced in the series. The Otsutsuki clan itself is known as the most powerful clan in the Naruto universe, with their origin story still unknown.

Although many things about this clan are still shrouded in mystery, the only thing that is known about this clan is that they have extremely powerful members. Almost every Otsutsuki in the series has the power of Kekkei Genkai and other divine powers. From what has been presented in the story, there are several things that might be a clue about the origins of Otsutsuki.

From the information known so far, the Otsutsuki clan is an alien clan from another planet. They come to various planets in the Milky Way galaxy to plant sacred trees and harvest chakra fruits. There is a speculation that the planet that is home to Otsutsuki is not in the Milky Way galaxy in other words from another galaxy.

Where did this speculation come from? First, when Kaguya Otsutsuki told Tenji, who was her husband, he was from a very far away planet or world. Although logically the existence of planets throughout the Milky Way is also very far away, Kaguya’s own definition of very far may already refer to the difference in galaxies.

Then, it took thousands of years for Momoshiki and Kinshiki to arrive on earth. The two of them came to invade the earth and attack Kaguya who was deemed to have failed to carry out the orders given. To welcome the appearance of Momoshiki and Kinshiki, in a period of thousands of years Kaguya managed to create a lot of White Zetsu troops who are ready to fight to protect the earth from the attacks of the two Otsutsuki.

Even so, in the end Momoshiki and Kinshiki arrived at the Boruto era. We really don’t know where they are before going to earth. However, it can be assumed that the distance of thousands of years that have passed means that the planet Otsutsuki and Earth are very far away which may even be in other galaxies.

In addition to the long distance, the planet Otsutsuki is also speculated to be one of the other factors why they become strong, apart from the chakra fruit. As well as stories of superheroes like Superman, whose home planet, Krypton, makes him and all the other Kryptonians very strong when compared to the inhabitants of the earth. This is because the environment and the place where they live make them strong.

In this case, the planet Otsutsuki is also likely to be one of the factors why the Otsutsuki clan is so strong compared to the inhabitants of the earth. Because of this, the Otsutsuki clan often thought of themselves as gods. In fact, Code himself considers Isshiki – and the other Otsutsuki – as a figure he adores. This is because they do have strengths and abilities that are far above ordinary human abilities.

So, in conclusion, the home planet of the Otsutsuki clan is probably not in the same galaxy as the world in the Naruto universe. Their planet is from another galaxy very far away. In addition, their planet can also be one of the factors that makes the Otsutsuki clan strong as it is now apart from the chakra fruit they consume. Despite the speculation above, we still have to wait for complete information about the planet Otsutsuki from Masashi Kishimoto. What do you think geeks, do you agree with this?

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