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Boruto: Kirigakure Swordsmen!

In the Naruto universe there are many hidden ninja villages besides Konoha. They have various advantages and uniqueness of each, for example starting from the geographical structure, demographics, and also how the strength of the shinobi in the village. One of the known shinobi villages in the Naruto world is the mist village aka Kirigakure village.

Kirigakure is one of the five greatest ninja villages in the series. Kirigakure had become the weakest ninja village among the others due to the dark times that had to be passed during the leadership of the fourth Mizukage. However, now the mist village has slowly started to rise to become a strong village. Kirigakure Village is known for their seven strongest swordsmen.

In the previous series, we know the figure of Zabuza or Kisame who is part of the seven strongest swordsmen from the village of Kirigakure. As the name implies, they are shown to be very skilled in using swords and the swords they use are also very unique and different from most swords. Even in the Boruto era, these seven swordsmen still exist. Then, who are they?

Hiramekarei – Kagura Karatachi

Kagura Karatachi is a very talented swordsman among the new generation in the mist village. It is known that Kagura has been very skilled in the use of the sword since he was in the ninja academy. Because of this, the previous Hiramekarei sword user, Chojuro, then trusted Kagura to inherit the epic sword. Before being used by Kagura and Chojuro, this sword was owned by Mangetsu Hozuki.

He is one of the greatest ninja of the village and also the owner of the sword. He was also the one who made his sword popular. This sword has an epic ability where it is able to absorb the user’s chakra and then form various weapons according to the user’s desire. In fact, of the seven Kirigakure swordsmen only Kagura could be considered official. Even so, other users are still considered part of the group even though they are not official.

Samehada – Shizuma Hoshigaki

Geeks are certainly no stranger to the Samehada sword. This is a sword that was once used by one of the Akatsuki members who became Uchiha Itachi’s partner, Kisame Hoshigaki. Shizuma Hoshigaki is the new owner of the epic sword, who, like Kisame, is an enemy to his own village.

Shizuma formed his own version of 7 swordsmen. As can be seen from her name, Shizuma was born into the same clan as Kisame, the previous owner of Samehada. Shizuma is shown to be able to control Samehada’s sword although this sword often absorbs the user’s chakra in very large amounts.

Kiba – Buntan Kurosuki

Buntan Kurosuki is part of Shizuma’s version of the seven swordsmen. He was handpicked by Shizuma as Kiba’s new user. And it seems that Shizuma’s own choice is right, because Buntan is very suitable to use Kiba’s sword. Buntan himself is a dual sword wielder, and has lightning chakra elements. This of course suits Kiba very well.

By utilizing his lightning elemental chakra, Buntan can use Kiba’s sword better, because Kiba can be an effective conductor of electricity. Previous users also used Kiba’s sword as a conductor of their electric chakra. Because of this uniqueness, Buntan is considered a rival to Sarada. Although considered not an official part of the seven swordsmen of Kirigakure, but his loyalty to Kagura might change all that.

Kabutowari – Kyoho Fuefuki

Kabutowari is one of the most unique swords in the Naruto world. This is because the shape is not really like a sword, like the two swords above. Kabutowari actually looks like an ax and hammer. Kyoho Fuefuki is the new owner of this unique sword in the Boruto era, having previously been used by Jinin Akebino and Mangetsu Houzuki.

With the physical strength of Kyoho which is quite formidable, with his large body size, Kabutowari’s sword is considered suitable for use by him. The combination attack between an ax and a hammer makes Kyoho Fuefuki a figure who is feared because of the power of the sword.

Nuibari – Hebiichigo

Besides Kabutowari, there is also another unique sword owned by the seven swordsmen of Kirigakure, namely Nuibari. The shape of this sword is very different from other swords, because it looks like a large needle with a string wrapped around the blade. This is natural because Nuibari in Japanese means sewing needle. The power of his sword is that it can pierce multiple enemies at once and then “sew it up.”

Hebiichigo is the new owner of the Nuibari sword, having previously been owned by Kushimaru Kuriarare and Mangetsu Houzuki. No less than the previous user, Hebiichigo is also shown to be very proficient and effective in using this sword, especially for long-range attacks. This is because Hebiichigo is known to be very weak in close combat.

Shibuki – Ichirota Oniyuzu

Shibuki became another unique sword that became part of the seven legendary swords of the mist village. What is unique is the shape that looks more like a scroll with the sharp part only on one side. In addition, what is also unique about this sword is that there is an explosive paper that the user can use, where the paper will explode when it hits the target.

Ichirota Oniyuzu is a new user of his sword, having previously used this sword by Jinpachi Munashi and of course Mangetsu Houzuki. Ichirota’s choice to use this sword is considered draining, because he is still not able to master the sword. And in fact, there is also an opinion among fans that Ichirota is not suitable for owning or using his sword.

Kubikiribocho – Hassaku Onomichi

Kubikiribocho, also known as the Executioner’s Blade or the Sword of Execution, is one of the strongest swords in the village of Kirigakure. This sword is the sword used by Zabuza Momochi, the demon of the mist village (Demon of the Mist). Not only Zabuza, in the story it is later shown that there are several other people who also use the sword.

One of them is Hassaku Onomichi, who is a new user of this sword. Unlike Zabuza or Suigetsu, Hassaku is shown to be able to swing this Kubikiribocho sword with ease. However, Hassaku admits that using the sword makes him tired quickly, which is the assumption that his sword is not suitable for Hassaku’s use.

The tradition of having the seven best swordsmen in Kirigakure village seems to have continued in the Boruto era, where a new generation became the successor of the group. They inherited various powerful swords from the seven previous swordsmen of the village. Although not as epic or as great as the previous users, this new generation was quite skilled at wielding these swords.

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