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Boruto: The 8 Greatest Crimes of the Otsutsuki Clan!

The Otsutsuki clan has become an important part of the story of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations after it was first introduced in the Naruto Shippuden series, with the appearance of Kaguya Otsutsuki. After Kaguya, we are then introduced to members from other Otsutsuki clans such as Hagoromo, Hamura, Indra, Asura, Kinshiki, Momoshiki, and even Isshiki Otsutsuki who had become a threat to the shinobi world.

The Otsutsuki clan is known as a clan that is extraordinarily strong, because their strength is above the average shinobi or earthlings in general. They are also known as a clan of parasites, who migrate from one planet to another to carry out their big missions. The Otsutsuki clan was also known for the crimes they committed. Anything?

Destroying Planet

As mentioned above, the Otsutsuki clan frequently moved from one planet to another. And in the Boruto series itself, it is mentioned that Kinshiki and Momoshiki grew stronger after they destroyed the planet they visited. This is the reason they move to different planets and why they are called parasitic aliens.

The Otsutsuki clan will invade a planet, destroy their civilization, and then plant a sacred tree on the planet. The sacred tree will absorb all the life energy on the planet which will destroy the planet. Chakra that has been absorbed will turn into chakra fruit, and this is what the Otsutsuki then consumes.

Making use of Black Zetsu

Before Kaguya Otsutsuki was successfully sealed by her two children, Hamura and Hagoromo, Kaguya had made her determination in physical form, which became known as Black Zetsu or Black Zetsu. During the Naruto series, no one knew that Black Zetsu actually had an important role in the occurrence of various events throughout the series.

However, over time it was later revealed that it was Black Zetsu who later became the mastermind of many events, including manipulating Indra Otsutsuki, Madara, as well as many other characters in the series. What has been done by Black Zetsu has given birth to many tragic deaths.

Attacking Konoha Village

One clear proof of the threat of the Otsutsuki clan was when they attacked Konoha. This happened during the Chnin Exams in the Boruto series, where they attacked Konoha in search of Kurama’s whereabouts. The appearance of Otsutsuki really puts many residents and other shinobi in danger.

They don’t care about the lives of others. All they cared about was taking Kurama’s chakra and harvesting more chakra. But fortunately, the Otsutsuki were defeated by the Konoha shinobi. Momoshiki and Kinshiki themselves were defeated by Sasuke, Naruto, and Boruto, which was the beginning of Boruto’s role as Momoshiki’s vessel.

Experiments on Children

In the Boruto series, it is known that the Otsutsuki clan does not view human life as something of value. They only think of humans as objects or things that are not useful. This can be seen when Isshiki kidnaps and uses children’s bodies to become his test subjects.

They become test subjects to become his new perfect vessel. All the children are then given his Karma seal, and see if they will survive. Unfortunately, almost all of the children died from the pain they experienced except for Kawaki and Code. There are countless children who have fallen victim to Isshiki’s cruelty.


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