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Celebrating the strength of survivors

October 23, 2021 | 12:00am

Actress Max Collins is a staunch advocate for breast cancer awareness and a supporter of Jewelmer’s pursuit of empowering women everywhere.

STAR/ File

International luxury brand Jewelmer is dedicated to the empowering of women. Much like the pearl, Filipino women are resilient in the face of adversity, and this is something that the visionaries behind the brand always want to celebrate.

Jewelmer joins the Helping Women and Others Foundation (HWAO) in advocating for a universal cause: The fight for life itself. Honoring women’s intrinsic strength, Jewelmer is committed to donating a portion of the proceeds from selected Jewelmer creations for the whole month of October to HWAO.

Through the support of the maison’s patrons, Jewelmer helps to expand the Philippine General Hospital’s IV chemo prep room so that they may accommodate more patients, help them avail of proper treatment, and promote their wellbeing.

The strength of every woman is worth celebrating, it is uplifting and inspiring. It is Jewelmer’s hope that each and every individual continues this incredible outpouring of appreciation for the sacrifices, dedication, and courage that Filipino women show every day.

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