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Constantine Series Leaks on HBO Max!

A popular DC antihero, John Constantine is a character who first made his debut in 1985 through comics The Saga of Swamp Thing #37 by Alan Moore, Rick Veitch, Steve Bissette, and John Totleben. After becoming a supporting character in the Swamp Thing saga, Constantine finally got his own solo comic series in 1988. Known as a special detective who handles supernatural cases, the Hellblazer grew in popularity after becoming part of Justice League Dark.

His popularity in DC Comics has often been exploited by various studios to bring his characters into shape live action. The first was played by Keanu Reeves through the film Constantine which was released in 2005. Despite being a financial success, but until now there has been no news about a sequel. The second is played by Matt Ryan through a solo series of the same name. Although the series was discontinued, Matt’s Constantine did appear in the series Arrow and also Legend of Tomorrow.

Previously JJ Abrams with HBO Max had expressed his intention to work on several related shows Justice League Dark, including serial reboot Constantine. And now, The Illuminerdi just reported that development on the reboot series has started moving forward with some news updates. If there are no obstacles, serial reboot Constantine will begin production in the fall of this year and is expected to be completed in February 2023.

The Illuminerdi also reported that Abrams and HBO were looking for a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People Of Color) from England to play the character Constantine in the series. Additionally, Guy Bolton is set to serve as chief writer with Abrams serving as executive producer alongside Rachel Rusch-Rich and Ben Stephenson.

It was also mentioned that in the fall, shooting the reboot series Constantine planned to take place in England and Morocco. So far, it is still unknown what the plot details of the series will be. There will likely be more interesting news in the future. We’ll see what happens next on the reboot Constantine this is it, geeks.

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