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Countdown 2 Short Film: Will There be a Sequel?

Written as well as guided by Justin Dec based upon his 2016 brief movie of the very same name, horror-thriller flick ‘Countdown’ utilizes the scary category as a car for a straightforward message– do not stare at your phone throughout the day. Quinn’s life gets derailed with the appearance of a killer app called Countdown. When people install it, the app initiates a timer, quiting just when the customer is dead. The one-line pitch makes for a highly entertaining style venture.

It is nothing out of the average, the independent movie holds sufficient brilliant moments to persuade the genre fans. Following its 2019 launch, the movie fell short of tempting the movie critics, yet the followers were amply scared.

Countdown 2 Release Date

‘Countdown’ premiered on October 25, 2019, in 2,675 theaters in North America. In nations like Greece, Hungary, and the Netherlands, the launch happened a day in the past, on October 24, 2019. The movie later on had an electronic HD release on January 14, 2020, while the DVD and Blu-ray versions appeared on January 21, 2020.

Supervisor Justin Dec made his feature launching with this flick. He made a number of viral shorts as well as the series ‘Lazy Me’ before stumbling upon the idea of making a movie regarding an awesome app. The director concurred that making a function length-film was pretty hectic.

The film can not please movie critics, holding “normally negative reviews” in Rotten Tomatoes. It created a winning comedy-horror formula to lure horror category fans. In effect, individuals lined up outdoors theaters to see the flick.

It collected $48 million in international ticket office incomes versus its meager budget of $6.5 million (which’s affordable by Hollywood criteria). There were no polarities at the box workplace, although the critics diminished in their responses. Consequently, the producers may be more than going to establish the follow-up flick. Currently, you might recognize that scary movies are most prone to follows up and spin-offs outside the DC as well as Marvel Cinematic Universes. Also, curiously enough, all the director’s favored films– ‘Jaws,’ ‘The Ring,’ ‘Paranormal Activity,’ as well as ‘Conjuring’– entail legendary franchises.

A few of you may want to know whether Quinn beats the app following the twist finishing. For that reason, a sequel seems brewing, although we are uncertain when. If the sequel is introduced within 2022, we anticipate ‘Countdown 2’ to premiere sometime in late 2023.

Countdown 2 Cast: Who Can Be In It?

Almost all the stars whose personalities continue to be alive in the very first motion picture might make a comeback in the 2nd, however with scary films, it is quite challenging to be certain. If the presumed follow-up narrates the original characters, we will see Elizabeth Lail reprising the duty of Quinn Harris, along with Talitha Eliana Bateman (Jordan Harris), P.J. Byrne (Father John), and also Peter Facinelli (Dr. Sullivan).

Countdown 2 Plot: What Can It Be About?

With the emerging of the wicked app, the tale spirals out of control. After Courtney as well as Evan, the application asserts the life of Quinn’s lovely acquaintance Matt. She is in for another shock– the application mysteriously re-emerges on her phone at the last moment.

The possible follow-up may chronicle Quinn, our protagonist, and also reveal us if she outlives that app timer. On the contrary, it might raise some brand-new personalities, that likewise stumble upon the application, releasing Ozhin. It might also go back in time and also trace the app’s origin.

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