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Daisy de la Hoya: Where is Daisy of Love Now?

Daisy de la Hoya began her profession as an artist in 2003 as a back-up singer and also bassist for the gothic rock band Seraphim Shock. She genuinely rose to fame after one of her singles captured the attention of VH1 producers and she was selected as a participant on period 2 of the fact dating show ‘Rock of Love’ starring superstar Bret Michaels. Though she did not win, her indisputable onscreen personal appeal got her very own VH1 fact show ‘Daisy of Love’ which fired her to celebrity level fame.

In the show, 20 young men vied for her interest and also contended in different competitors in a proposal to excite Daisy and be romantically included with her. Prior to her foray into fact television, Daisy had actually been involved with rockstars Dave Navarro and Tommy Lee, meaning the truth that possibly she has a “kind.” Are you questioning where she is now? We’ve obtained the facts!

Daisy de la Hoya’s Daisy of Love Journey

‘ Daisy of Love’ premiered in April 2009 as well as saw Daisy as the centerpiece together with host Riki Rachtman. The program included 20 candidates aged in between 22 and also 36, most of who seemed to be lodged in the glam rock or rebel rock scenes of that time, as they contended to excite Daisy as well as come to be “her rockstar.” Daisy, during that time, was 26.

The program competed 3 months, with episodes releasing every one or two weeks, during which time Daisy got to know each of the entrants, otherwise recognized that they were not her kind. The very first few episodes saw several contestants being eliminated, yet from the 4th episode on, as the selections got tougher for Daisy, she had the ability to get rid of just 1 man per episode. The fortunate ones to make it with to the next episode were provided a chain with a star from Daisy and also asked to “stay on in your home.” In the show’s final episode, Daisy selected musician Joshua Lee, a.k.a London, who had actually taken out from the show in the 4th episode but was revived in episode 9. Daisy later on confessed that given that her time on ‘Rock of Love,’ she has dealt with substance addiction, which just worsened as she got more renowned with ‘Daisy of Love.’

Where is Daisy de la Hoya Now?

Shortly after the verdict of her program, in September 2009 Daisy announced to her followers in a blog article that she as well as London, the winner of her truth dating show, had actually broken up. She cited an additional woman who was pregnant with his child as well as questioned whether he was just with her for the popularity. The two linked over their shared backgrounds of injury as well as medicine use and also, as Daisy stated, supported each various other.

With her program ‘Daisy of Love’ not being renewed momentarily period and also her partnerships ending tragically, integrated with very easy accessibility to medications as a result of her fame, Daisy’s life sunk even more into substance abuse. In a meeting with Radar Online, she also confessed to attempting suicide on several celebrations. She examined herself right into rehabilitation in 2010.

In a 2016 meeting, Daisy mentioned that she had been sober for a couple of years now, and also was trying to repair her connection with her previously separated mom. Given that her moms and dads’ separation when she was 3, Daisy has actually not been close to either of them. She took place to express that her reconcilement with her mommy was painful however all part of her healing process.

Considering that after that, Daisy has actually been focusing on her songs career as a singer-songwriter as well as is component of the rock band Black Star Electra. She additionally supports non-profits like animal rights team PETA and To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA), an organization committed to assisting people having a hard time with self-harm, material, and also depression abuse.

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