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Dana Cummings: Where is Prosecutor in the Anthony Templet Case Now?

In June 2019, after that 17-year-old Anthony Templet shot his papa, Burt, and later stated it was self-defense. The following examination revealed a lot of history that appeared to explain Anthony’s behavior and also his activities. Netflix’s ‘I Just Killed My Dad’ is a three-part docuseries that delves into Anthony’s life and also what took place during the case. Dana Cummings, who was part of the prosecution, was featured on the show as well as supplied an understanding into how the case progressed. Allow’s discover out even more about her after that, shall we?

That is Dana Cummings?

Dana was the prosecutor in Anthony’s case, as well as when she first discovered it, she felt it was a uncommon as well as depressing case. But when Dana heard the 911 call, it was a disturbing feeling. She thought Anthony had no emotion as he reported firing his papa. On the program, Dana remembered viewing Anthony’s authorities meeting for the very first time as well as questioning if he had no compassion due to the fact that he really did not drop a tear throughout.

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Once the team discovered a lot more about Burt’s violent background, Anthony’s habits seemed to make feeling. Ultimately, Dana believed he shot Burt after a debate where he struck Anthony.

In the end, Dana worked with Anthony’s lawyer, Jarrett Ambeau, to come to a resolution that functioned for both sides without going to trial. For Anthony, that’s what occurred.

Where is Dana Cummings Today?

Dana differed with the self-defense case that Anthony’s lawyers put forward. She felt that, provided the facts, it was wrongful death. However taking into account Anthony’s background as well as what he had been via, Dana believed that jail time was unsuitable for Anthony. She included, “What would certainly time in prison do for this young man who has never ever actually had an opportunity to find out or to have good friends or to be worldwide?”

Dana is currently the Assistant District Attorney for the East Baton Rouge area in Louisiana. In addition, she is the Chief of Litigation. Dana has actually been exercising law for almost 4 decades, and in the past couple of years, she has prosecuted numerous high-profile instances. These include the 2015 poisoning murder of Damian Skipper by his girlfriend, Meshell Hale, a supposed murder-for-hire, as well as affirmed dual murder, to name a few things. Dana was additionally associated with the investigation into a serial killer, Derrick Todd Lee, who was linked to multiple murders via DNA proof years after his apprehension.

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