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Death on the Nile | 15 facts about Agatha Christie and the book that inspired the movie

death on the nile arrived on Star+ this Wednesday, and in celebration of the release on its streaming platform for adults, Disney released 15 fun facts about Agatha Christie and the novel of the same name that inspired the film starring Gal Gadot. The story follows detective Hercule Poirot (Branagh) as he solves a complicated murder case aboard the SS Karnak, a luxury cruise ship that navigates the exotic waters of the Nile. The ship carries a group of charismatic characters of different ages, backgrounds and social classes, invited to celebrate a wedding and linked in different ways to the crime in question.

1. This is a second adaptation of the book, made 44 years later.

Kenneth Branagh’s new film is the second film production of the novel death on the nile. The first version is from 1978 and was filmed in Egypt, with the debut of actor Peter Ustinov in the role of Hercule Poirot. The cast of the 1978 version includes actresses Bette Davis and Mia Farrow.

two. Poirot and his author share an indisposition.

Speaking of ships and murder on the high seas: writer Agatha Christie suffered from seasickness when traveling by boat, as did Poirot.

3. There was the participation of the family.

Two close relatives of Agatha Christie, her grandson Mathew Prichard and her great-grandson James Prichard, participated in the production of “Death on the Nile”. Both are members of the famous author’s estate and responsible for protecting her legacy.

4. Rigorous work has been done on Poirot’s strokes.

Poirot’s mustache was so important that Agatha Christie approved of actor Tony Randall’s mustache in The Alphabet Crimes, 1965 mystery comedy in which Tony played the detective.

5. The story also appeared on the radio

death on the nile also appeared on radio in 1997 with a five-episode BBC Radio adaptation that established the legendary actor John Moffatt like Poirot’s voice.

6. Romance has arrived in the gaming world.

death on the nile not only has two film adaptations and one for radio. In 2007, a video game inspired by the book was released, within the genre of finding hidden objects games.

7. Christie chose the actors for her productions.

After seeing actress Joan Hickson in a theatrical version of death on the nile in 1946, Christie wrote a letter to the actress with the hope that she would one day play the celebrated character Miss Marple. After 38 years, and for six years, the actress played the lovely and charming lady of St. Mary Mead in BBC adaptations of Christie’s works.

8. Christie’s inspiration was born from a trip.

death on the nile it was written after Agatha Christie returned from a winter in Egypt.

9. Agatha Christie expressed her opinion on Death on the Nile.

In the novel’s prologue, the writer described the story as “one of her best” travel books.

10. Poirot’s death was featured in The New York Times.

Detective Hercules Poirot was the first – and so far the only – fictional character to have his obituary on the front page of The New York Times. The article was published in 1975 on the occasion of the release of the novel Curtain: Poirot’s Last Case (published in Brazil as The Cloth Falls: The Last Case of Poirot) in which the famous detective dies.

11. Agatha Christie left an extensive body of work.

The writer’s prolific career spanned five decades, with 66 detective novels, 6 non-police novels and 150 short stories.

12. Christie ventured out as a screenwriter.

Christie also dabbled in the film business in 1962, writing a single screenplay based on the Charles Dickens novel.Bleak House” (published in Brazil as The Dark House). The adaptation never made it to the big screen.

13. Agatha Christie’s screen debut.

The first Christie story to be adapted for the big screen was a short story from the collection The Mysterious Mr. quin (The mysterious Mr. quinin Brazil), transformed into the 1928 film “The Passing of Mr. Quinn”.

14. The debut of Christie’s novels on the big screen.

As for his novels, the first to hit theaters was “The Secret Adversary” (in Brazil the secret enemy), adapted in 1929 into a German production Die Abenteuer GMBH.

15. Agatha Christie had an inexhaustible vocation.

Christie considered retiring at age 75, but his books were selling so well that he decided to continue writing for at least another five years, and ended up doing so until about a year before he died at the age of 86.

death on the nile is available on Star+.

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