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Dragon Ball: 5 Users of the Ultra Instinct Technique!

Ultra Instinct is one of the new things introduced in Dragon Ball mythology, where it is an epic transformation known only to be used by the gods. The Ultra Instinct transformation was introduced in the Dragon Ball Super series. To be able to learn Ultra Instinct is not easy. This is shown in his story, how Whis mentions that not everyone can learn this technique.

If even then someone has the qualifications to be able to learn the technique, it takes tremendous hard work and practice to master this technique. That’s why, so far not many characters are able to master or be able to learn Ultra Instinct techniques. There are several characters who are known to use this technique. Anyone?


Goku is the first non-god known to learn the Ultra Instinct technique. Whis becomes the person who then trains Goku with the technique. The Ultra Instinct technique itself was first learned by Goku to prepare himself for a martial arts tournament, which risked the fate of Universe 7. With Goku’s nature and character, this technique was indeed suitable for him to use.

Goku himself is known to have just learned the Ultra Instinct technique at an early level. Before the Granolah arc started, he had time to go back to training with Whis to increase his usage level. However, in yesterday’s latest chapter, Goku himself admitted that he still hasn’t fully mastered the Ultra Instinct technique because he hasn’t found the right “style” of the technique.


Moro is the main villain of the phenomenal Moro arc. Moro has epic magic powers because he is able to absorb life energy from a planet, and then use that energy as his main source of power. This is what then makes Moro a villain targeted by the Galactic Patrol troops and eventually imprisoned for millions of years.

It took a tremendous effort from King Kai to capture Moro, where he had to give up half his strength. Besides being able to absorb the power of life energy from a planet, Moro is also known to have the Ultra Instinct ability which made it difficult for Vegeta and Goku to fight against him. The two of them even had to learn new techniques to be able to keep up with his strength.


Merus is one of the Angels who is on probation aka he is a prospective Angel. Unlike most Angels, Merus becomes part of the Galactic Patrol. He was even involved in the fight against Moro in the previous arc. As an Angel, it is not surprising that Merus later mastered the Ultra Intsinct technique which is his mainstay in fighting.

This was also shown in the fight against Moro. However, Merus’ Ultra Instinct ability is still not perfect. In effect, it was Moro who actually managed to “kill” Merus. Merus himself was finally resurrected from his “death” and received forgiveness for violating Angel’s rules.


Beerus is the God of Destruction from Universe 7 and is the most powerful God of Destruction in the entire Dragon Ball universe. As a God of Destruction, Beerus also studied the Ultra Instinct technique. Whis, his assistant, becomes Beerus’ mentor to learn this technique. However, Beerus’ level of mastery of Ultra Instinct is different from Goku and the characters above.

Besides being able to use the main technique of Ultra Instinct, Beerus managed to fully master this technique by developing his own version. Beerus developed Ultra Instinct which was able to destroy its target, which was later taught to Vegeta and later became the basis for the development of the Ultra Ego technique.


Beerus’ assistant and mentor, Whis is one of the Angels in the Dragon Ball Super series. He was sent by the Great Priest to train Beerus to become the God of Destruction. One of the things Whis taught Beerus was the Ultra Instinct technique. How Whis later became a mentor to Beerus shows Whis’ level of mastery of the Ultra Instinct technique is extraordinary.

And in the main story, we often see how powerful Whis is when practicing this technique. For example, when Whis trained with Goku and Vegeta where he was able to fight against both of them at once without any problems. Unfortunately, it is still unknown to what extent Ultra Instinct Whis and the other Angels’ power levels are.

The awesomeness of the Ultra Instinct technique is the thing that is put forward in the story in this Dragon Ball Super series. So far, we’ve seen the main protagonists of the story train and use their techniques to deal with enemies. In fact, we are also introduced to various other types of the Ultra Instinct technique. It will be interesting to see how far this technique will be used in the story.

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