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‘Everybody Hates Chris’ Actor On Comparisons Of His New Series To ‘The Office’

Tyler James Williams, known for his iconic role in Everybody hates Christalks about the comparisons of his new series, Abbott Elementarywith The Office. The ABC series is similar in format to the 2005 sitcom by adopting the language of mockumentary, a genre that became popular after the production created by Greg Daniel and starring Steve Carell.

In an interview with VarietyWilliams confirmed that there are many influences from The Office on the show, as well as noting that Randall Einhorn, who was cinematographer on the 2000s comedy, produced and directed several episodes of Abbott Elementary.

It is impossible that The Office is not an influence”, he clarifies. “It is the gold standard of this style. And Randall Einhorn, who [foi diretor de fotografia e diretor] of The Office is one of our executive producers and has directed [seis] episodes this season. Then there will be many things that will feel the same”.

Tyler-James-Williams-Abbott-Elementary 'Everybody Hates Chris' Actor on Comparisons of His New Series to 'The Office'

However, for me, unfortunately, I can no longer watch The Office”, he continues. “Because I don’t want to bring things that I’m not even aware of. I have to drop that reference in this process, so nothing is directly stolen here”.

The actor also says he would like that, in addition to the style, the same high standard could also be achieved. He points out that the same slow-moving romance that has fans rooting for many seasons for Jim and Pam also plays out in their current comedy. In addition, the similar dynamics of employees and their daily lives in the workplace are also repeated and make room for many interactions between the characters.

The ABC show revolves around the teachers and staff who help run a public elementary school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In it, the protagonist Janine is an optimistic and sometimes naive new teacher. Williams plays substitute teacher Gregory, who soon becomes a mainstay and potential love interest for Janine. Throughout each episode, the series has multiple characters explaining their feelings about certain situations directly to the camera.

all seasons The Office are available on Star+.

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