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Hello: Is Dr. Evil Halsey?

Hello is the latest Paramount+ series adapted from the popular video game of the same name which was first released in 2001 ago. Although taking place on a standalone Silver Timeline, the series Hello keep the original material from the original video game, including protagonist Petty Officer John-117 aka Master Chief (Pablo Schreiber), then iconic weapons and locations scattered across the galaxy, as well as the concept of a human colony and the Covenant aliens within it.

Besides Master Chief, the series has also brought interesting characters such as Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey (Natascha McElhone) who has appeared since the premiere episode. However, based on what has been seen until yesterday’s episode 4, at a glance Dr. Halsey looks like an antagonist who has a mysterious plan. Is it true that he is the real villain in the series Hello this? Before discussing what was happening to him in the series Hello, let’s explore first the character of Dr. Halsey in the video game.

Hope That Humans Hate

Dr. Halsey is a character from the game Hello who played a scientist who initiated the ‘Spartan Program’ which created elite UNSC troops such as the Master Chief. The background has described the figure of Dr. Halsey as a person who will not hesitate to do everything possible to achieve her goals. One of his most controversial decisions was to kidnap young children to involve him in the Spartan Program, where the innocent children would later undergo very harsh and torturous training.

Of course Dr. Halsey has her own reasons for doing the Spartan Program, where she wants the human colony to be tougher than before, even though she realizes that what she is doing is something very bad. Instead of thinking about his actions, Dr. Halsey felt she just needed to focus on her calculations on what to do, and she would do her best to achieve it. Among the human colonies themselves, there were many who wanted to kill Dr. Halsey, because his ideas are considered too dangerous even for UNSC itself.

In fact, it is undeniable that he is a very genius scientist and political expert, who knows that what he does will make the human colony superior to its enemies. On the other hand, Dr. Halsey is indeed a very dangerous and ambitious character, and no one sees her as a hero. Even so, most still see Dr. halsey and all of her options as a method that is despised, but very useful for the survival of UNSC.

Dr. Halsey in the Halo Series

Since the start of the series, Halsey is directly portrayed as arrogant and ambitious, looking down on anyone who disagrees with her. In addition, he will not hesitate to manipulate the minds of others to get what he wants. In the first episode entitled ‘Contact’, Dr. Halsey had ordered the Silver Team to attack anyone who tried to harm the Master Chief, even if they were UNSC troops.

Then in episode 2 entitled ‘Unbound’, Dr. Halsey is seen deliberately inciting Admiral Parangosky (Shabana Azmi) to support his cloning program. Where in episode 3 entitled ‘Emergence’, after Cortana was successfully created through a cloning program, Dr. Halsey immediately ‘killed’ his creation and turned it into artificial intelligence. He did this so he could insert Cortana into the Master Chief’s body, so he could keep an eye on what his favorite Spartan was doing.

And in the latest episode entitled ‘Homecoming’, when Dr. Halsey flew with Master Chief to Eridanus II, Miranda Keyes (Olive Gray) briefly described what the scientist looked like in the eyes of UNSC. “Dr. Halsey is someone who will move on, forcing everyone to follow her point of view.” Keyes said. “He dedicated his life to finding answers to what humanity’s true purpose is. And he will not tolerate mistakes.”

So is he bad? Based on Keyes’s description, Dr. Halsey is neither a hero nor a villain, but more like a “mad scientist” whom UNSC highly trusts. At least for now he is still in a ‘neutral’ position, but it is quite clear that his ambition has the potential to make him a “thorn” in Master Chief’s adventures.. We’ll see what Dr. Halsey to Master Chief in the upcoming episode, we will find out the answer soon Hello Episode 5 will air on April 21, 2022.

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