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How to create a conducive learning space at home

WITH the new normal learning setup, it is highly encouraged to create a conducive learning space at home. Since most students are required to do online distance learning, it would be easier to attend classes feeling focused and comfortable when they have a dedicated area to study. In making education a priority in your family, here are back-to-school tips on how you can create a conducive learning space at home.

Stimulate a productive home-based learning by creating a comfortable study environment. CONTRIBUTED PHOTOS

Create a perfect spot

A conducive study area would help students develop focus that yields to productivity. Choose an area at home where you can set up a desk table and ergonomic chair for a learning-friendly space that works best for your kids. A learning space should be well-lit, and you can opt to add a pendant, floor, or desk lamp.

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Declutter and keep things organized

An ideal study space should be organized and clutter-free. Keep your kids’ desk clean and have a cabinet or drawer to put their things such as pens, papers, notebooks, scissors, rulers, calculators and other school materials. Installing a mesh organizer provides a place for a calendar and reminders of their activities and homework to-do.

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Give attention to visuals and vibes

Many studies proved that colors could affect one’s mood. So, in setting up your kids’ study area, choose the right colors to use that can help boost their productivity, creativity and happiness, especially when studying.

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Encourage independent learning

Above all, encourage your kids to learn independently. Teaching them to be independent learners would improve their academic performance. In this way, they can help themselves keep track of their progress and monitor their set goals.

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