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Ice Age: Stories from Scrat | animators say goodbye giving the nut to Scrat

After 20 years of looking for a nut and a place to bury it, Scrat, from the franchise Ice Age, finally got the fruit. Yesterday (13), the new series, Stories from Scrat, was released on Disney+ as a spin-off of the prehistoric animations that follow Sid, Manny, and Diego. The saber-toothed squirrel has always appeared in the movies with its parallel adventure – but in the same context – looking for a place in the ground to bury its Acorn, although it was never successful.

Now, he finally manages to capture and eat the fruit he’s been chasing for so long. However, this feat did not happen in his new series, but in a farewell tribute from Blue Sky Studios. The unlisted video is on a YouTube channel that has the title The Endand has a description that says:

In the final days of Blue Sky Studios, a small team of artists came together to make a final scene. This scene is a farewell, a goodbye on our own terms“. Watch:

After the purchase of 20th Century Fox in 2019 by Disney, the animation studio, responsible for films like Horton and the Who World, The Bull Ferdinandthe franchise RiverBesides Ice Agehad its closure announced in 2021. Despite this, the production company is still working on its final projects, such as an adaptation of Nimonawhich will be distributed by Netflix, as well as part of the production of Stories from Scratfrom Disney+.

The series focused on the beloved character consists of six animated shorts with new adventures. In the silent episodes, Scrat experiences the ups and downs of parenthood as he and mischievous Baby Scrat team up and fight for possession of the precious nut.

Previously, streaming also released The Adventures of Buck, a sequel to the main film series that follows Buck Wildsince the studio intends to continue with the franchise in new projects.

the full season of Ice Age: Stories from Scrat is available on Disney+.

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