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Is Lennay Kekua a Real Person, Is She Dead or Alive

Netflix’s ‘Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist’ concentrates on the identity of a girl called Lennay Kekua. She was recognized to everyone as Manti Te’o’s girlfriend. Every little thing that was uncovered concerning her desired her fatality, as well as also after that, her life seemed to focus on the reality that she was Manti’s partner. Her unfortunate fatality led Manti to become a figure that every person sympathized with and rooted for. Points turned around when the shocking fact regarding their connection came to light. The Netflix documentary goes into the deepness of this controversy, digging out the reasons behind Lennay’s existence in addition to her death. Below’s what you must recognize if you are questioning who she was and also what happened to her.

Is Lennay Kekua a Real Person?

No, Lennay Kekua is not a genuine individual. She was a phony online identification produced by Naya Tuiasosopo. During that time, Naya had actually been attempting to identify her very own sex-related identity, which led her to create the profile of Lennay. She utilized it to talk with people, whom she would certainly stop communicating with when the topic of meeting face-to-face would show up.

Ultimately, she befriended Manti Te’o, with whom the partnership advanced right into something extra than she ‘d had previously in her online encounters. She believed that this will certainly put an end to the Manti and Lennay affair, but things rose when Manti’s surge as a football celebrity in the face of an awful misfortune became an inspiring tale for the media.

Later, it was discovered that Naya had been catfishing Manti, and also the pictures that she made use of in Lennay’s account were really of Diane O’Meara, that was entirely not aware of the reality that she had actually become the face of Manti’s dead partner.

What Happened to Lennay Kekua?

A couple of months prior to that, Manti had obtained the information regarding Lennay being in a deadly car accident. All this while, Manti would certainly be on the phone with her every night, falling asleep to the sound of her breath, as well as being told, on celebration, that she would certainly respond to the sound of his voice. She was in St. Jude’s as well as after that she went to an additional medical facility,” Manti claimed.

While it looked like she might survive this back-to-back stroke of bad luck, her problem suddenly got worse as well as she died around the exact same time as Manti’s grandma. This is where the discrepancies started to arise in the means the information was reported. Some electrical outlets reported that Lennay had died within a 24-hour period of Manti’s grandma, while some place a distinction of days in between the two fatalities. All the same, her funeral happened around a week after her death, and also Manti did not attend it.

While Lennay’s death and also Manti’s incredible stamina to proceed when faced with losing “the love of his life” ended up being an inspiring story that was around the media, Manti received a call from Lennay, claiming that she had not been actually dead, that she ‘d remained in hiding. As evidence, which Manti demanded, he received a photo of her that made him more baffled than ever. After a while, not knowing what to make from it on his very own, he took this information to his family, which’s when his uncle, who’s a lawyer, informed him that he was being catfished. Later, when the story broke out on Deadspin, the whole world uncovered that Lennay Kekua never existed, which was completion of her tale, however just a starting for Manti as well as Naya.

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