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Is Mount Echo a Real Place on Virginia, Is Easton a Real County

Netflix’s thriller series ‘Echoes’ revolves around twins Leni and Gina McCleary, who swap their lives annually secretly, also sharing each other’s spouses. Leni’s life takes a wild turn when Gina vanishes, requiring her to be herself amongst her family members, who stay in Mount Echo, after a period of being Gina. Without no other choice before her, Leni starts to stay in the mountainous area where the twins had actually grown up. Gina’s loss as well as Leni’s subsequent return to Mount Echo lead the way for several effects that determine the destinies of the two sis. As the fascinating show progresses, the viewers have to be mesmerized by the interesting setup of Mount Echo. Allow us share whatever concerning the very same if you are anxious to know whether it’s a real area!

Is Mount Echo a Real Place in Virginia?

Yes, Mount Echo is a real place. Even though the bulk of the show’s story is set in the West Virginia area, the minimal series was largely filmed in the city of Wilmington, in the state of North Carolina.

The setting of Mount Echo plays a considerable part in the narrative of the show. Even though the visitors will certainly not be able to enjoy the real Mount Echo in the show, the North Carolina places do justice to the eerie as well as mysterious appeal of the program’s setup.

Is Easton a Real County?

The primary setup of the show, specifically Mount Echo which places in and around the region, becomes part of Easton County. Constable Louise Floss as well as Sheriff Louise Floss are policemans of the Easton County Sheriff’s Department. However, Mount Echo is not part of Easton County actually. The area is a part of Ohio County. Easton is the name of a city located in Northampton County, in the state of Pennsylvania. The place does not have any connection with the program. Thus, we can wrap up that Easton County is an imaginary county conceived by Vanessa Gazy, the maker of the program.

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