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Isko Moreno introduces ‘running mate’

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno (foreground) with officials of Sailun Tires

Driven by the goal and intention to bring the best quality of living to the Filipino people, Manila Mayor Isko Moreno has expressed the common denominator between him and the said brand of trusted tires.

In an interview with Sailun tires, Moreno highlights the current situation in his locality and gives importance to how the right elements, quality service, and ideas can bring an improvement of lives.

Centered on Sailun tires’ key qualities of durability, affordability, and safety, Isko showed how his values were in line with the brand, and how it’s important for him to have a partner in fulfilling his duties.

One that brings forth mutually beneficial services in all aspects: starting with providing caliber education, helping people out in any way possible, to making sure that these services are accessible for, and will bring out the best in all in the near future.

These are what give an extra layer of confidence and trust in both brands and in people – the genuine care and concern to spike improvement.

We vouch for those who will be with us, through all challenges, through highways and bumps in the road. Those who are going to remain with us through every turn.




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