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Johnny Depp Reveals Which ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Movie He’s Never Watched

Johnny Depp revealed that he has never seen one of the films of Pirates of the Caribbean during his testimony at the trial with Amber Heard. Since last week, both stars have faced each other in court, years after their split and multiple lawsuits filed against each other. Currently, the ongoing legal battle is the one the actor started for defamation after the publication of an article by Heard in the Washington Post.

During his testimony in the trial against his ex-wife, Amber Heard, Johnny Depp has revealed many things. However, amidst the various controversial claims, one unexpectedly stands out. The actor revealed that he has never watched one of the films in the franchise. Pirates of the Caribbean.

According to Matthew Belloni, founder of the site Puck NewsDepp’s version of events in court included the admission that he never saw The Curse of the Black Pearl.

Johnny Depp just told the court he never saw the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie.”, he tweeted. “Remember, he was nominated for an Oscar for that movie. Just an awesome approach there“.

Although the revelation is surprising, the actor has already made similar statements. Earlier in an interview, Depp confessed that he can’t watch his own movies.

In a way, once my work is done into a movie, it’s none of my business. I stay as far away as I can… I don’t like to watch myself“, he explained to Independent UK.

Even so, the information about the first film in the franchise in which he played Captain Jack Sparrow comes as a surprise, not only because he was nominated for an Oscar for the work, but also because it was said in his testimony. While the Hollywood news outlet’s insider shared what he heard inside during the trial, he didn’t explain a reason the matter was brought up.

The film series continues without the actor, who was fired after allegations surfaced in the media. However, there is no new information about the sequels in development.

All the Pirates of the Caribbean are available on Disney+.

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