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Kleo Season 1 Ending, Explained: What is in the Red Suitcase?

Netflix’s thriller series ‘Kleo’ follows Kleo Straub, an unofficial assassin working for the German Democratic Republic AKA East Germany’s state security service named Stasi, based in Berlin. After fulfilling a high-profile mission, Kleo gets unexpectedly imprisoned upon getting charged with crimes she hasn’t committed. After German reunification, Kleo gets released along with other political prisoners, only for her to find the truth behind her imprisonment and exact vengeance on the officials involved.

Kleo Season 1 Recap

‘Kleo’ begins with Kleo Straub eliminating an unidentified man as part of her mission at a disco bar called Big Eden. After Kleo has actually left, West Germany main Anne Geike takes a trick from the dead man’s pocket to acquire a red suitcase which she sends out to Chile. A couple of days later on, Colonel Ludger Wieczorek gets a direction to put behind bars Kleo with fake fees. Her very own grandpa, an upper-level East German authorities, Otto Straub affirms against her. Kleo obtains parted with her associate and enthusiast Andi Wolf, the dad of her expected infant. At the prison, she suffers a miscarriage as well as gets launched after 3 years, following German reunification.

Kleo meets Otto to find out why she was imprisoned. Kleo then meets Walter Blum, a party official who has played a role in her imprisonment. She kills him and finds a photograph of Wieczorek alive in Mallorca.

A West Germany cop named Sven Petzold, who has witnessed Kleo killing the man at Big Eden, starts to investigate her unofficially. After killing Erich Mielke, Kleo joins hands with Sven to solve the mystery. Sven leads Kleo to Andi, who confesses to trying to kill her.

Kleo and Sven discover that the mole involved in the predicament is Anne Geike. The duo experiences her, only for the latter to attempt to eliminate them both. Unintentionally, Anne catches fire and also passes away. Kleo and also Sven find an album with photographs from Chile, which leads the assassin to the final thought that the bag must be in Chile. They see a photograph of Jorge, a sidekick from Chile that has a background with Kleo, in one of Anne’s albums. At the same time, Sven sheds his cops task for examining the Big Eden situation without authorization. His spouse Jenny cheats on him with his associate Frederick, which additionally distances him from his household.

Kleo Season 1 Ending: Does Kleo Find the Red Suitcase? What is in it?

Yes, Kleo does discover the red bag. From Andi, Kleo familiarizes that the bag came from an East German army authorities, that wished to move delicate information worrying his country to West Germany. Kleo’s grandpa Otto and Margot Honecker sought the help of Anne to acquire the suitcase and also the latter sends out the exact same to Chile for Jorge to protect it with the help of Comrade Ramona. From Ramona’s area, Sven discovers a map with a marked area. He signs up with Kleo and also the duo finds the suitcase inside a Jesus sculpture, beating Ramona, who gives them a chase to get the traveling bag.

The traveling bag is loaded with files worrying United States president Ronald Reagan’s arrangement with East German official Honecker. During the cold war, Reagan’s portal to Europe was the Federal Republic of Germany AKA West Germany. With the country, the United States discovered an area in European politics to oppose socialist East Germany and its ties with various other communist countries. Reagan and also the United States’ relevance in Europe started with its resistance to East Germany. To maintain that importance alive and be a prominent part of European politics, Reagan wanted East Germany solid enough to oppose and also combat it.

East Germany was financially struggling at the time to be a pivotal enemy for the United States. Thus, Reagan moneyed the region for it to stay as a “bogeyman” amongst European countries to attract US treatment. The army authorities Kleo eliminates wanted the records to reach the hands of West Germany to disclose exactly how the capitalist country signed up with hands with the socialist one. Since Reagan provided the funds without even letting Congress know, Honecker’s wife Margot and her trusted ally Otto, Kleo’s grandfather, had to keep the suitcase hidden.

Even though Kleo killed the army official, she has complicated the affair, letting the enemies get a chance to find the suitcase. East Germany officials demand Kleo’s death as a punishment for a mistake she wasn’t even aware of doing. Otto manages to reduce the death penalty to life imprisonment to not see his granddaughter die.

Why Does Min Sun Handover the Suitcase to the United States? What Does She Get in Return?
After Kleo and Sven manage to find the suitcase, West German agent Min Sun takes possession of the same with the help of Sven. Rather than submitting the same to her agency Federal Intelligence Service, she gives the suitcase to the United States in return for an unrevealed pack. As far as Min is concerned, she doesn’t care about Germany anymore. The country and its intelligence agency have never given her any respect for the work she does and the potential she offers. Anne even assigns the case to Min thinking that the latter will not solve the case.

Min doesn’t want to help such a country and its officials, especially after putting her life on the line. She starts to walk in the same way as her officials, who prioritizes what they can gain, by giving the suitcase to the United States, who benefits the best from acquiring the same.

Thus, the United States strikes a deal with Min, who receives something she wants in return. Even though the latter is not revealed, it can be the documents that offer Min a place in one of the US agencies for her to escape from Germany.

Why Does Brigitte Reject Kleo?

After acquiring the suitcase, Margot Honecker meets Kleo and offers the location of her long-lost mother Brigitte, who ran away to West Germany during her childhood, in return for the suitcase. As far as Brigitte is concerned, who has always criticized her father Otto and East Germany’s communist values, Kleo is nothing but a product of East Germany’s barbarous intentions and values.

Brigitte must have considered Kleo dead the moment Otto took the latter under his wings to train her to become an assassin. She doesn’t want such a person to return to her life. In addition, Brigitte is leading a peaceful life with her son and she may not want to welcome life-threatening trouble by welcoming a former East-German spy to her life, who has killed people like her.

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