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LaShonda Woodard: Where is Abuse Survivor Now?

Maturing in Illinois, LaShonda Woodard’s life took many turns, including some trysts with violence. Examination Discovery’s ‘Wives With Knives: I Slay’ narrates LaShonda’s very early life as she navigated a challenging childhood years as well as difficult relationships as well as at some point relocated away completely. If you’re interested to find out even more about LaShonda’s life and also where she might be today, here’s what we understand.

That is LaShonda Woodard?

When LaShonda was a teen, her parents split up, with her and her younger brother moving across town with their father. According to the show, LaShonda began rebelling, and her father regularly beat her, sometimes drawing blood.

The mom as well as kids then shifted base to Chicago, Illinois, where she got a job. There, LaShonda met Marcus Manly, and eventually, they started dating. At one point, as per the show, an ex-girlfriend of Marcus got into an altercation with LaShonda, ending with the ex-girlfriend slashing her face with a boxcutter. As LaShonda recuperated from it, she and Marcus remained to be together, but he got jealous over time, bring about a severe run-in in one instance.

It was stated on the show that during that incident, Marcus choked her, LaShonda threatened him with a knife, and Marcus then held that knife against her throat and beat her. After that, LaShonda hoped for a fresh start and moved out of her mother’s home.

When it came to relationships, LaShonda wasn’t so lucky. LaShonda began dating another man named Teonne. Teonne punched her while LaShonda stabbed him in the hand and the back.

Where is LaShonda Woodard Today?

Despite the many terrible attacks, LaShonda got out unharmed and really did not end up in prison. After the occurrence with Teonne, she moved to Galveston, Texas, where she obtained a fresh lease on life. She hoped the move would certainly offer her time to review her choices. LaShonda worked at a dining establishment as a waitress for regarding eight months before switching over to a task at Walmart. Currently, she is employed as a cashier there, a placement she’s held for near six years. Besides that, LaShonda researched Cosmetology at Fortis College, Florida.

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