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Leo Baker: Where is Skateboarder Now?

As an innovator in the skate boarding area, no matter his name, chosen pronouns, or gender identity, the happy and now loud transmasculine non-binary Leo Barker is really an inspiration. Since of not simply his choice to share his fact but additionally the means he held himself in spite of years of internal struggles as well as uneasiness throughout the gender-conforming competitors, that’s. So considering that Netflix’s ‘Stay on Board: The Leo Baker Story’ has charted these facets of willpower, nerve, and also positivity on his own terms, let’s figure out even more concerning his existing standing, shall we?

Where is Leo Baker Now?

There’s no rejecting Leo (formerly Lacey) is a gifted skate musician taking into consideration the fact he has actually been delighting in the sporting activity since he was 3, yet his strategy to it these days is a lot, much various. Rather than competitors after competition in an attempt to ensure monetary as well as profession stability, he’s concentrating much more on road design to explore his real, authentic self without significant fears. That’s additionally part of why he resigned from the US Women’s Olympic Skateboarding Team in February 2020– he knew it was basically now or never ever for him to accept himself totally.

” Skating is its own [imaginative] thing,” Leo lately informed Pride prior to including, “It’s actually difficult to judge as well as place points on things when a lot is contingent on, like, design as well as options that you make.” He then described his perspective on the entire occasion by stating, “Not to discuss that the [International Olympic Committee] is actually really screwed up as an organization. I’m like, ‘Nobody desired them there.’ … For numerous reasons, I resembled, ‘I am so happy that I’m not there participating in this harmful sh * t.’ I just can’t stand it.”

Leo therefore started taking hormonal agents in microdoses back in June 2020, just to then get top surgical treatment– something he had actually desired from the moment he understood it existed– in October of the exact same year. He was admittedly worried he would certainly shed every little thing he ‘d invested years working for, and also the whole procedure took a toll on his psychological health, however his support system helped him with it. The feedback from followers to his name modification, along with the recuperation period he procured owing to his choice to tip away from competitors wholly (and covid), also contributed in his relaxed semi-transition.

The best part, though, is that the New York City-based skateboarder’s specialist career has really been flourishing– there’ve relatively been little to no unfavorable results of his appearing. Leo obtained featured in legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk’s video game, starred in a substantial Nike campaign around rocking the boat, and gained a trademark shoe. He ‘d previously been a part of Miley Cyrus’ “Mother’s Daughter” video as well.

Furthermore, despite the fact that Leo had started the NYC Skate Project as a worldwide area for queer, trans, and also nonbinary people, in addition to cis ladies, he has additionally because established Glue. The latter is an equipping queer skate company he runs together with two of his closest queer good friends in the industry, where he allegedly even meddles the visuals design division. A safe room as well as genuine depiction are his primary purpose below.

” The objective is to film skate videos and also reveal us doing whatever we want as skaters and as creatives,” Leo just recently disclosed while referring to his company. “We’re not just attempting to sell boards. Hopefully, it inspires individuals to do whatever they want.

As if that’s inadequate, the 30-year-old (birthed November 24, 1991) skater turned entrepreneur is gradually advancing into an artist too. His track “Hold Me Till We’re Home” plays at the end of the Netflix initial, as well as he apparently plans on releasing his launching EP a long time in late 2022. Leo in fact let them know that this docudrama marks a new chapter of his life, “which really feels actually great to relocate right into; a more personal room in my life where I’m not constantly sharing and also talking and picking apart who I am.”

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