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Liezl Sicangco strikes back against Cristy Fermin

Looks like the saga is not over.

Just when everybody thought the mess involving Kylie Padilla and Aljur Abrenica is old news what with both appearing in separate interviews intimating the same desire and that is to put an end to the controversy for the sake of their children, now out comes Liezl Sicangco.

Kylie’s mother did not like Cristy Fermin sharing her two cents relating to her daughter’s marital woes.

She took to Instagram to lash out at the veteran showbiz reporter.

“Sobra kana Cristy Fermin!!! Gawin kaya sayo yang pinaggagawa mo, siraan ka ng hindi totoo, gusto mo?

“Walang kalaban laban ang mga taong sinisiraan mo. One sided ka!!!

“D mo naman alam ang totoo at kung ano ang pinagdadaanan ng tao. Magbago kana bago kapa bawian ng buhay,” Liezl wrote.

Prior, Kylie also expressed displeasure with Cristy going on to tell her to “grow up.”

Cristy was quick to hit back telling Kylie nobody could tell her what to talk about as journalist.

Will Cristy offer Liezl a retort?

Who knows?

In any case, Liezl also shared a message to Aljur and rumored girlfriend AJ Raval.

She wrote: “Wish you both all the best in life. Sana forever na kayong dalawa. Happy naman si Kylie para sa inyong dalawa at naka moved on narin cya at happy din cya. Sana ganon din yung source ni Cristy. Tama na bitterness nakaka wrinkles. Move on…”




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