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Life & Beth: Star+ series is getting a second season

The series Life & Beth, shown in Brazil by Star+, was renewed for a second season. On Hulu, an exclusive streaming service in the United States and controlled by Disney, all episodes were released at once. Here in Brazil, the comedy created and starring Amy Schumer is still releasing weekly episodes, and before completing 10 chapters, it has already secured its second year. The announcement was made by the actress herself during a participation last Tuesday in the The Howard Stern Show.

In March, Amy explained to the The Hollywood Reporter where did some inspirations for the Life & Beth: “My mom was really destructive and did really harmful things, but I also felt really special and loved growing up. She’s been really cool about the whole process of making the show. She says, ‘I’m 73, I own my mistakes’, and that’s it: my mom is insanely flawed and I love her in an insane amount too.“.

In the series, Beth’s life is great on paper. Everyone she grew up with says that. In addition to having a great career at a wine distributor, she is in a serious relationship with an extremely successful guy and lives in Manhattan. But a sudden incident forces Beth to face her past, changing her life forever.

Through flashbacks to her teenage years, Beth begins to understand why she became who she is today and who she wants to become. In this series, we’ll follow Beth’s journey to build a better, bolder and more authentic life as she learns to express herself and live purposefully. Reminiscing about the past means both reliving trauma and comical moments, but it also teaches great lessons on how to move forward.

In addition to Amy Schumer, the cast includes Michael Cera, Susannah Flood, Violet Young, Kevin Kane, Yamaneika Saunders, Laura Benanti, Larry Owens, Michael Rapaport and LaVar Walker.

new episodes of Life & Beth arrive at Star+ on Wednesdays.

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