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Locke & Key Season 2: Hallea Jones And Griffin Spill Teases Season 2

Locke & Key Season 2 Updates: The season one finale of Locke & Key offered a game-changing twist: Dodge is not dead. Gabe is, in fact, Dodge. Gabe and Eden have formed a partnership and are hiding it from the rest of the world. Griffin Gluck and Hallea Jones now speak about the havoc Gabe and the freshly demon-infected Eden will cause in season 2.

According to Griffin, it is sad for Eden and Hallea, as Gabe is a tiny bit of a lone wolf, like Eden, so they constantly crash each other’s plans. There’s some tension between the two of them, but we can see a lot of misbehavior this season. From many awful things to many amazing people can be seen, and it’s all for fun.

Eden and Gabe, according to Hallea, get to “a lot of mischiefs not very well managed by Gabe, I must say.” Griffin, on the other hand, is correct about both Eden and Gabe having enormous egos.

They are zealous for power. Since Gabe is an Echo, she has this bizarre interaction with him in which she says, ‘Well, I don’t want to follow you around anymore.’ ‘Well, I’m going to kill you if you don’t,’ he says. ‘Ah, okay, cool,’ she says. It was really fun…”

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Almost no one, including Kinsey, appears to be informed that Gabe is truly Dodge. Griffin conceded, “It’s going to be a lot of fun for audiences to see how long he can keep the rules up. I mean, it’s a small town. You know, word gets around.”

When it comes to Eden, Halleabelieves that the issue with the demon Eden is her “great life calling.” Hallea thinks Eden was just on the road to this, whether it is through supernatural means or not.

In some ways, Eden was already a demon in the first season, says Hallea, and having this demon situation occurring to her was like a powerful moment. She could now unleash all that she wished for.

When it comes to trouble, turmoil, and the like, Hallea is a sucker. Eden goes in a frenzy in season 1 but on a dangerous level, which is more entertaining, according to Hallea.

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