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Making The Cut Season 2: Where Are They Now, Update on the Cast Today

Prime Video’s ‘Making The Cut’ is an intriguing competitive style reality show that combines a team of established developers from around the world and also has them fight it out for splendor while being evaluated by some apparel industry stalwarts. Throughout the series, each entrant is pitted against the other in several significantly challenging obstacles designed to test their skill, strategy, and also ability, to name a few. With one participant getting eliminated after each obstacle, the final one standing is crowned the winner and also provided a significant money reward.

‘Making The Cut’ season 2 introduced us to numerous prominent developers and also brought with it a lot of drama, stress, and some unbelievable productions. With the video cameras now turned away, let’s discover out where the participants are at present, shall we?

Where Is Lendrell Martin Now?

The very first person to obtain eliminated from ‘Making The Cut’ season 2, Lendrell Martin, is a New York City-based designer that has actually dealt with a number of leading brands, including Abercrombie & Fitch and also JCPenney. Surprisingly, from August 2016 to 2021, Lendrell worked as a Technical Designer & Multicultural Associate Resource Group Co-Chair at the New York-based style brand Ann Taylor. Given that leaving Ann Taylor, Lendrell has taken on numerous personal tasks as well as has actually also given some of his useful time towards supporting and also creating skill from underserved areas. Currently, the popular developer appears to stay in New York City, where he handles his style tag, Lendrell Martin Collection.

Where Is Dushyant Asthana Now?

Originally from Jaipur in India, Dushyant disclosed that he discovered his passion for style at a young age as he would certainly often try his suggestions out on his daddy’s clothing. When he relocated to the United States to seek a master of science level from George Mason University, he began believing of taking up style as a career. Eventually, his interest led him to Los Angeles, where he developed his eponymous fashion brand in 2015. Presently, Dushyant is based out of Los Angeles and also is hectic taking his brand name to more heights. He takes pride in utilizing ethical manufacturing approaches, as well as most of his developments are made from hand-made fabrics. Additionally, Dushyant has actually stayed dedicated to his Indian roots and also visits his native country every so often to team up with Indian craftsmens and developers.

Where Is Olivia OBlanc Now?

A citizen of New Orleans, Louisiana, Olivia was delighted to complete versus various other prominent developers as well as even managed to wow the courts with a few of her developments. Nonetheless, she eventually fell short throughout an obstacle and needed to bow out in the eighth position. When filming ended, the Parsons School of Design Alumni returned to New York City, where she was working as an assistant developer with Caraa. Concurrently, she has actually additionally been heading her very own style brand, ØBLANC, which concentrates greatly on workwear. Today, Olivia is still involved with ØBLANC and also has welcomed sustainability by recycling waste fabric and repurposing Denim. The New York resident has actually left her task at Caraa as well as stated that she was all set to load any type of available placement in the fashion sector.

Where Is Ally Ferguson Now?

Before starting her own style tag, the California State University, Long Beach alumnus co-founded the apparel firm Dyer & Jenkins and also established Mettá Agency, through which she supplied useful examination for promising developers. Post-filming, she returned to Los Angeles, where she currently operates her style tag, Seeker, which is an organic hemp-based fashion tag that resources its products in your area and makes use of sustainable production approaches.

Where Is Joshua Scacheri Now?

He was quickly enamored by the fashion style market and was established to forge a career in the exact same. Over the years, Joshua has actually developed a few of his own style brands and also has fairly a little bit of experience under his belt from working with top fashion homes. Once shooting ended, Joshua returned to London as well as in May 2021, established his new fashion brand name, Love Hero.

Where Is Raf Swiader Now?

Originally from Poland, Raf Swiader relocated to New York in 1998 as he was interested in the fashion design sector. Since then, the extraordinary designer hasn’t recalled as he researched at the Fashion Institute of Technology and began benefiting some leading fashion brand names. In 2014, Raf established his own style label, R.SWIADER, as well as also co-founded the New York City-based full-service hair salon, Mott NYC, in 2018. Remarkably, while on ‘Making The Cut’ season 2, Raf took the competition by tornado as some of his productions were praised by the judges. Nevertheless, he was inevitably bested and gotten rid of at the fifth setting. When shooting covered, Raf went back to NYC and from the appearances of it, is focused on taking his fashion tag and the saloon to additional elevations.

Where Is Lucie Brochard Now?

An encouraging participant on ‘Making The Cut’ season 2, Lucie Brochard wowed everyone with her productions as well as was considered one of the faves to win. Once filming finished, Lucie returned to her daily life in Paris, where she keeps herself hectic taking her own style tag, LUCIE BROCHARD.võ, to further heights.

Where Is Andrea Salazar Now?

Andrea Salazar brought her A video game to ‘Making The Cut’ season 2 and also made her way into the leading 3. At present, the Universidad EAFIT and Istituto Marangoni graduate shuttles in between her indigenous nation of Columbia and also the city of Miami as her very own style label, Seta Apparel, is now identified internationally and has been featured at top events like the New York and Paris Fashion Weeks.

Where Is Gary Graham Now?

Remarkably Gary Graham was a fan-favorite participant on ‘Making The Cut’ season 2, and also followers hypothesized that he might be crowned the champion. Once recording covered, Gary returned to the state of New York, from where he has been running his own fashion tag, GaryGraham422. ‘Making The Cut’ assisted him develop a superb connection with Amazon, and the developer even developed a clothes line exclusively for Amazon Fashion.

Where Is Andrea Pitter Now?

When shooting covered, Andrea returned to Brooklyn, New York, from where she runs her style tag, Pantora. In July 2022, Andrea, in cooperation with Amazon Fashion, introduced a co-brand called, Terea by Andrea Pitter, which features obtainable basics in colors motivated by the desert.

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