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‘Moon Knight’ Episode 4 Is VERY Familiar to ‘Legion’ Fans

The most recent episode of moon knight introduced a sudden change and at the same time gave fans a great flashback to the critically acclaimed series legion, based on the Marvel comics and which tells the story of David Haller, the troubled son of Charles Xavier diagnosed with schizophrenia. On the other hand, the Marvel series gained prominence for being the first MCU project to star a superhero with mental health issues.

With Oscar Isaac’s Marc Spector and Dan Stevens’ David Haller falling victim to an altered state of mind that causes problems with their powers, it was to be expected that the two productions would have at least one point in common. And the fourth episode of moon knight brings several.

Attention! Spoilers from that point on.

In the chapter “The Tomb”, released this Wednesday on Disney+, Marc kills some of Arthur Harrow’s henchmen, but is soon shot by the villain. Then, our hero wakes up in a psychiatric hospital, where Harrow is his doctor and everything leads us to believe that his routine that we have witnessed so far in the series was just a daydream. And those who watched legion they certainly felt great déjà vu.

legion presented a turnaround with a scenario practically identical to what occurred in moon knight. In the sixth episode of the fourth season, David also awakens in a psychiatric ward after being shot, and, upon waking, finds his enemy, Amahl Farouk/King of Shadows, played by actress Aubrey Plaza, taking over the role. from your doctor.

If this isn’t a tribute to legion, this is one of the biggest coincidences that fans have ever witnessed in titles from different Marvel studios. In case of legionproduced by FX in conjunction with Marvel Television. moon knight is a production of Marvel Studios.

moon knight is available on Disney+, while the three seasons of legion can be found on Star+.

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