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Moon Knight: Marvel Series Subtly Criticizes Indiana Jones’ Heroism

Indiana Jones is often seen as a hero who steals sacred artifacts for money or fame, but intentionally or not, Marvel has made a subtle critique of his motivations in moon knight. The Disney+ series has a complex universe when navigating through various situations that include Egyptian gods, multiple identities, cults, religious gurus, and even an archaeologist, drawing some parallels with the famous franchise directed by Steven Spielberg in the 70s and that continues until the 1970s. nowadays.

However, in the latest episode of the series based on the Marvel comics, there is a subtle critique of the arguably ethical heroism of our favorite archaeologist. In the chapter “The Friendly Kind”, Layla gets a fake passport to travel to Egypt to find relics that point her to Ammit’s tomb. The new adventure brings the plot even closer to the franchise Indiana Joneswith a new setting, puzzles, unreliable figures and a complicated romance.

While dealing with stolen artifacts, Layla explains her motivations in the episode. She clarifies that all the items she obtains were previously stolen from their original cultures, which, as she well remembers, people tend to forget. She still admits to having already profited from the objects, but seems to be more interested in preserving them and possibly even returning them to where they originally came from.

The speech seems to gently nudge Indy’s ethics, as he was elated for stealing relics and making some money from them. This is because, although some of the objects stolen by him were kept in museums for preservation, hardly any returned to the people to which they belonged.

Furthermore, this is not the only consequence the public has found in the archeologist hero’s actions. There are many who believe that Indiana Jones perpetuates a form of colonialism, as by being kept away from their cultures, these sacred items come to belong to other people. These, in turn, do not see the same cultural value in the artifacts, which are often lost and without significance.

new episodes of moon knight arrive on Disney+ every Wednesday.

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