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My Hero Academia: All For One The “Creator” of the Villains?

Kohei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia series presents a unique and special world in which superpowers, known as Quirks, have become a part of their lives. In fact, almost all the inhabitants of the earth have super powers. However, with the large number of super power users in the world, it seems that it presents a big problem.

These problems range from the mental health of its users, the views of other people, and various other social impacts that arise from those who are not able to fully control their superpowers. Heroes and villains may be on different sides of society, but they understand one thing in common.

They realized that Quirks had become an important part of people’s lives as well as the human condition. In the manga My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Volume 12, the evil symbol of the world, All For One, provides an interesting insight into the relationship between humanity and the Quirk. All For One seems to understand the philosophical meaning of Quirks more than anyone else in the series.

All For One Creator of the Villains?

In a flashback story that is set several years before Izuku Midoriya joined UA, All For One has an important role to play in spreading a dangerous drug known as ‘Trigger.’ The drug is able to increase the power level of one’s Quirk as well as create “instant enemies.”

What’s interesting is that All For One uses the drug to make the “villains” born as a result of the drug to join the League of Villains. He takes advantage of the imbalance in the mental strength of the Quirks owner to then create what is called a criminal or villain in the eyes of society.

All For One then explains to one of his subordinates, Kurogiri, that by following the standards that exist in society, when a person’s Quirk and their wills are harmoniously fused, it will result in a stable condition and become the potential emergence of a hero figure.

The person is most likely able to fully control his Quirk as well as their attitudes and behavior, and will not be affected by the various norms that exist in society. However, when a person becomes extreme and violent, it can lead to that person abusing their Quirk.

If this has happened, then the imbalance will create conditions in which the person no longer cares about the morals or conditions of society. And this is what is then the beginning of someone to become an evil figure aka a villain. This is what then makes All For One manipulate many Quirks users to become villains.

Disharmony Quirk The Villains

Several members of the League of Villains attest to the philosophy described by All For One. The most obvious example of this is his own successor, Shigaraki Tomura. His Quirk, Decay, turned out to be able to mess up his mind and destroy his world when he was a child.

Years ago, Shimura Tenko was a normal little boy who greatly admired a hero like his grandmother, Nana. However, when his Quirk then activates, Tenko accidentally kills his entire family. When All For One recruited him, Tenko was a very impressionable and open-minded child which made it easy for All For One to manipulate him.

All For One even managed to make Tenko believe that he was no longer that person, but Shigaraki Tomura. All For One also implanted several other arms within his body to further increase his anger and pain. If only Tenko had been born with harmless Quirks, maybe he wouldn’t have turned into a villain.

Another example is Toga Himiko. Toga is a girl who has mental problems, which makes her unable to live in the midst of society at large – especially with those who have blood-based Quirks. Everyone thinks that the power possessed by Toga is a terrible power and also dangerous.

When Toga then openly shows the Quirk he has been hiding, he becomes a villain in the eyes of society, and bears a resemblance to All For One. Toga is the embodiment of All For One’s words, namely “extreme determination and also full of violence” where when Toga’s Quirk is active, it is certain that there will be great chaos that arises.

Dabi is also one of the real examples of this character, where Dabi has the determination to be able to defeat his father, Endeavor. Dabi actually doesn’t use her fire Quirk to save people, but to avenge her family and also tries to destroy the entire hero system that exists and has always been believed by her father. If only Endeavor would accept the child’s condition, perhaps Dabi’s figure would never appear and become a threat to many people.

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