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My Hero Academia: Can Dabi Defeat Endeavor?

The Todoroki family has experienced many sufferings and sad stories in the My Hero Academia series. However, for Dabi the story is much more sad and painful. The fans themselves know that Endeavor is not a good father figure where he prefers one of his children, in order to surpass the greatness of All Might.

What Endeavor did without him realizing it actually hurt his other child, which is the starting point for the birth of the villain we know as Dabi. The epic battle between father and son in the final arc of the series will present something extraordinary, considering that this fight is personal. The question then is whether Dabi can beat Endeavor?

Dabi is well known by many for his extraordinary fighting skills, he is even considered one of the best in the League of Villains. Even professional heroes will not find it easy to deal with Dabi’s figure. As a child, Dabi was hurt by his father, Enji Todoroki aka Endeavor.

Enji considers Toya as his son who failed, because his body is not able to withstand the heat desired by his father. After Shoto’s birth, Toya was no longer wanted by his father and was removed. Toya then faked his death to be reborn as Dabi.

Speaking of Dabi’s abilities, he is considered to have the most powerful and hottest fire Quirk ability. Dabi’s flames shine even brighter than Endeavor’s, because Dabi’s flames are blue. And the blue fire itself is known as the hottest fire. The unofficial name of Dabi’s Quirk is “Cremation.”

This is what then makes Dabi’s Quirk very dangerous, which Dabi himself sometimes has to be careful with in using his body. If Dabi is careless in using her Quirk, it’s not impossible that she herself will be the victim. Even though Dabi is a terrible figure, that doesn’t mean Endeavor is a weak figure.

Endeavor is Japan’s number one professional Hero, and there’s a clear reason for that. Endeavor has a very epic Quirk, Hellflame, where the fire produced by Hellflame can burn anyone, for example High-End Nomu. Then Prominence Burn itself is considered one of the most powerful attacks in the series.

Endeavor himself would certainly not hesitate to put all his might against Dabi. On the other hand, Dabi’s main goal in life is to return to her father, even if that means eliminating the rest of her family. Dabi is trying to take revenge for what her father had done.

Although Endeavor later tries to apologize to Dabi in order to try to save Shoto and his wife, it seems Dabi has gone too far to make him care less about it. After the events of the Paranormal Liberation War, Endeavor admits himself that he is unable to fight against his son, who is one of the strongest villains.

However, Endeavor himself then realized that sooner or later he had to face Dabi to solve all the problems that occurred. It is certain that this battle between father and son will end tragically. Endeavor himself seems to be holding back in the fight, which could lead to his defeat.

Endeavor probably won’t fight Dabi with the same determination and manner when he fought Nomu in the Pro Hero arc. However, for someone like Dabi, an ordinary death might be considered too easy to do. Dabi wants Endeavor to suffer and pay for the big mistakes he made in the past.

Maybe, Dabi will not kill his father but let him live. Even so, Dabi will finish off all the sidekicks he has to make Endeavor feel immense pain and suffering. It’s not impossible that Dabi will burn her father alive later.

Yesterday’s chapter 350 showed how Dabi was in a state that was already badly injured due to her fight with Shoto Todoroki. His hatred for his father and family then made his Quirk “resurrect,” even though awakening that power meant that his human body had to be destroyed. As Shoto said, Dabi seemed to be ready to die and from the start her goal was to die.

Dabi might end up dying from the high temperature of the fire she produces. However, this could be Dabi’s way of making Endeavor realize his mistake and feel the pain of what if his son had to die. So, in conclusion, with Dabi’s strength, Endeavor might have very little chance of winning. Moreover, Dabi has such a huge grudge against her father, which makes her willing to do anything to avenge what Endeavor did, including setting herself on fire.

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