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My Hero Academia: Where All Three Films Fit in the Series’ Timeline

Cleaning up complication concerning where the My Hero Academia motion pictures belong in the timeline is simple thanks to a couple of tale hints.

Films that appear of long-running shonen collection typically play fast and loose with continuity, seldom fitting right into the canon. Kohei Horikoshi took a different route with the films linked to his series, My Hero Academia, by bringing them right into canon with tiny manga states and also utilizing tiny voids in the timeline. While Horikoshi did not write these films, he managed their production and also embraced them in regards to the series’ connection.

While these movies are canon, their positioning in the series is a little blurred. Thankfully, all 3 movies have enough context ideas that have enabled eager audiences and also visitors to determine their order in the collection. Having a shonen franchise merge the side stories right into the major canon is rejuvenating.

Where My Hero Academia: Two Heroes Fits in the Timeline

Two Heroes is the initial of the three My Hero Academia films launched in 2018. Two Heroes as well as its innovator episode autumn between Episodes 38 and 39, after the “Final Exam” arc but before the “Forest Training” arc.

The manga placement of Two Heroes is also harder, as it does not fall directly between phases however occurs in the middle of one. This movie happens throughout Chapter 70, after the run-in with Shigaraki but before the “Forest Training.” There is additionally a retelling of Two Heroes in manga layout, however this does not additional attach the story to the core manga therefore is not important reading.

Where My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Fits in the Timeline

The second My Hero Academia flick, Heroes Rising, is trickier to fit comfortably into the series while preventing looters, as the film exposes something chronologically before Horikoshi does so in the manga or anime. The flick technically occurs throughout Episode 101, but those who are fretted about mild spoilers need to wait until after Episode 112. This movie additionally fits in between the “Meta Liberation Army” arc and the “Endeavor” arc since the pupils have yet to begin their job studies.

Much like Two Heroes, Heroes Rising happens in the middle of a manga phase. Horikoshi is frequently able to cover a large chunk in his chapters, which generally leaves some gaps that enable these movies to fit well. Heroes Rising occurs in the middle of Chapter 257.

Where My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission Fits in the Timeline

The most current My Hero Academia film, World Heroes’ Mission, takes place after the “Endeavor” arc and also must be seen after Episode 113. This positioning is partly for the same reasons as Two Heroes– there are looters for reveals at the end of Season 5. Experiencing these looters via the flicks can minimize the effectiveness of their corresponding moments during the series, so fans are recommended to wait until completion of Season 5 to see both Two Heroes as well as World Heroes’ Mission.

Given that the positioning of this film remains in the early section of the “Paranormal Liberation Army” arc, its order in the manga is a bit more difficult. World’s Heroes’ Mission complies with the trend of having a film occur throughout a time gap in the middle of a phase. The movie fits during Chapter 257, prior to the heroes vanish from the streets.

To streamline this process, enjoy Two Heroes after Season 2 as well as then Heroes Rising and also World Heroes’ Mission after Season 5. These films, while canon, can be checked out as extra tales when there is a demand for more My Hero Academia, as their overall effect on the story is marginal at ideal.

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