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Nas Academy reconciles with Apo Whang-Od, Butbut Tribe

All is well now it seems with Nas Academy and Apo Whang Od.

Well, at least, this is what Nas Academy shared on Facebook recently.

They wrote: “Hello from Buscalan, Kalinga! Last Friday, we visited Apo Whang-Od and the Butbut Tribe to participate in a customary reconciliation process. It was an amazing experience to be hosted by the tribal elders and community members and finally resolve our differences.”

Nas Academy said they entered into a discussion with the tribal elders which led to the tribe accepting their efforts to establish a reconciliation.

“We are grateful to the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) for organizing the event,” they said. “We love the Philippines, and we are excited to continue changing lives through education.”

Prior Nas Academy earned the ire of Apo Whang Od’s relatives.

One of her grandnieces Grace Palicas alleged that Nas Daily’s Whang Od Academy is a “scam.”

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