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New Characters in One Piece: Red!

Enthusiasm from fans One Piece The announcement of the latest One Piece film, One Piece: Red, is still not finished. This film is still an interesting topic of discussion among fans, with various big mysteries surrounding the film. The reason is, there is still not much information that is known at this time, including who will appear in the film.

The film, which will be released in August, will present a new character created by Eiichiro Oda. The character is predicted to have a very deep connection with Shanks, who is the main focus of the series. Luffy and the Straw Hat crew themselves are confirmed to appear in the film, with several other characters such as Coby and Helmeppo.

New Characters in the Movie

On Wednesday, the production house again intensified promotions for the film by releasing a teaser trailer that presented a lot of new information regarding the film. One of the main things introduced in the trailer is the introduction of the figure of Uta. In the trailer, Shanks introduces the figure of Uta as his son.

In the dialogue it is stated that “Even though we are far apart, you are still my daughter, Uta.” Unfortunately, the trailer itself does not provide much information regarding the figure of Uta. There is also no information regarding this character in any medium. In the previous article, it was mentioned that maybe a few years ago Shanks had a child with a woman he loved.

However, like the other pirates, he decided to leave the figure of Uta. However, this is still just speculation and it is still unknown what made Shanks then leave Uta. Besides Uta, another new character that will be introduced in the film is Gordon. Unlike Uta, there is absolutely no information about Gordon’s figure or how his role will be in the film.

Maybe he will act as a figure who helps Uta in the various plans he does. Or it could be that Gordon is the one who actually helped Luffy to defeat Uta. One Piece Film: Red will feature a character named Patrick Redfield who is known to play a villain in the film.

Patrick Redfield or commonly referred to as Red Aloof, is not a character from the manga or anime story. Patrick Redfield is an original character who appeared in the One Piece game series, specifically in the game One Piece: Unlimited World Red. In the game, Patrick alias Pato is the main villain that Luffy faces at the end of the game.

Based on what is presented in the game, Patrick is a very evil and powerful pirate. Many times the navy has had to deal with Pato, and he is shown fighting against the Straw Hat pirates and being able to beat them mercilessly. One thing that is interesting about Pato is that he really hates friendship or alliances between pirates.

There has been speculation that Uta might ally or join Patrick’s figure to commit crimes. This is probably the reason why Luffy in his trailer yesterday shouted at Uta that Shanks would be very disappointed if he saw Uta do what he did. It’s interesting to see how the roles of the new characters will appear in this RED film.

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