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Nicolas Cage reveals the 2 movies he never gets tired of watching

Fans always like to know which movies and series their favorite artists like to watch. This gives audiences more insight into the actors’ and actresses’ influences, and they’re also a great way to get to know productions they might never have checked out. And as for Nicolas Cage, what would be your favorite movies?

Recently, Lionsgate promoted on reddit an “Ask me anything” session with the actor, and a forum user wanted to know: “What movie can you watch over and over and still not get bored?“. Nicolas Cage’s answer was short, but he decided to choose two films instead of just one: Apocalypse Now (1979) and Chihiro’s trip (2001).

The first thing that catches the eye is how the two films are different from each other. Apocalypse Now is a psychedelic war drama, while Chihiro’s trip it’s an animated fantasy. But both are classics and it makes sense that Cage (or pretty much anyone else) would consider them to be movies that don’t get sick.

Apocalypse Now was nominated for 8 categories at the 1980 Oscars, and won for Best Cinematography and Best Sound. Chihiro’s trip won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film in 2003, becoming the first non-English language production to win the award.

There is also a personal connection between Cage and one of the films cited here. Apocalypse Now it was directed by the renowned Francis Ford Coppola, who is his uncle. Whether this influences his love of the film or not remains a mystery, but either way, it’s fun to imagine Cage sitting on his couch at home watching these two movies nonstop.

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