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One Piece: 8 Non Canon Paramecia Devil Fruits!

Devil fruit is a very fundamental thing in the story in the One Piece series. This is because the devil fruit is a source of power, which makes it highly sought after by many people. They all want to have the awesome power that comes from the devil fruit.

Paramecia is one of the many types of devil fruit that appears in the story. Most of the owners of devil fruit powers are those who have Paramecia powers. In addition to the main story/canon, Oda Sensei also presents various other Paramecia devil fruit variants in the non-canon version. Then, what are these devil fruits?

Goal Goal No Mi

Gild Tesoro is a villain who appears in the film One Piece Film: Gold. He is a casino tycoon, and also the owner of the Grand Tesoro, the world’s largest entertainment ship. Gild Tesoro has the Paramecia devil fruit ability, the Gol Gol no Mi, which allows him to turn anything into gold by touching it.

In addition, Gild Tesoro is also able to manipulate anything into gold. Or the most terrible thing is that he can insert gold powder into his opponent’s body, so that they slowly turn into gold. What’s unique is that even though the devil fruit has the same abilities as Logia, this devil fruit is a Paramecia devil fruit.

Goe Goe No Mi

Goe Goe no Mi is a Paramecia type devil fruit that gives the user the ability to create lasers from sound when the user screams very loudly. The energy generated from the epic attack produces a fairly large explosion. The way it works is similar to the Gaon cannon on the Thousand Sunny.

Unfortunately, behind the tremendous power of Goe Goe no Mi, it turns out that there is a big enough weakness where this strength is not strong enough when it comes to dealing with soft surfaces. As a result, Luffy managed to reverse the attack thanks to his rubber abilities. This ability is possessed by El Drago, the main antagonist of the first One Piece Movie.

Hiso Hiso no Mi

Hiso Hiso no Mi is one of the first non-canon devil fruits introduced at the beginning of the anime series. This Paramecia Devil Fruit allows the user to talk to animals. However, this way of speaking is done not directly, aka telepathically or using the mind. This devil fruit itself was consumed by a little girl named Apis.

With the ability of the devil fruit, Apis can understand what the animals are saying or wanting. Apis himself appeared at the beginning of the series when Luffy and the Straw Hat crew were about to enter the Grand Line area. Hiso Hiso no Mi is a unique devil fruit because this devil fruit does not give the user the ability to fight.

Gutsu Gutsu no Mi

The Gutsu Gutsu no Mi is a Paramecia type devil fruit that allows the user to do things related to smelting. For example, the user of this devil fruit can melt various natural materials such as silver in his body. The user can also use the inside of his body to use as a weapon, or shape it into various things he wants.

This devil fruit was owned by several people, but Bill was the last owner of the Gutsu Gutsu no Mi devil fruit. Bill is an opponent faced by Law and Luffy in the Silver Mine arc in the anime series. But, unfortunately, in the fight Bill is told to lose and die.


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