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One Piece: Besides Gear, This Is Luffy’s Strongest Form!

Monkey D. Luffy is the main protagonist in the One Piece series and is considered the strongest character. This is not without reason. There were already many characters much stronger than him that he had managed to defeat thanks to the power that was within him. For example, Shichibukai figures such as Doflamingo and Crocodile.

One of Luffy’s most extraordinary strengths is the Hito Hito no Mi’s devil fruit, Model: Nika. The devil fruit gives Luffy a powerful ability, namely the ability called Gear. This technique allows Luffy to increase the power of his devil fruit to a maximum level. Gear has also made Luffy win several battles throughout the series.

In every fight, Luffy always relies on the Gear technique he has. Starting from Gear 2 to Gear 4, Luffy always uses it gradually. At first, Luffy only learned Gear 2 and Gear 3. After the time-skip, Luffy finally managed to learn Gear 4. And finally, most recently, Luffy managed to awaken Gear 5, which is Luffy’s strongest weapon at this time.

However, in fact, apart from Gear, there is also another power from Luffy that is no less powerful than Gear, namely Nightmare Luffy. Nightmare Luffy is an extraordinary transformation experienced by Luffy when he was in Thriller Bark. At that time, Luffy was forced to accept thousands of shadows in order to balance the power of the zombie Oars that was raised by Gecko Moria.

Luffy himself became an unstoppable figure, with thousands of shadows of the various personalities that existed in Thriller Bark. If the strength of one person Luffy is already very powerful, then it means that the strength of thousands of people in one body is really very powerful. And this was also proven when Luffy fought at the end of the Thriller Bark arc when he fought zombie Oars.

Even though the comparisons are vast, especially in terms of body size, Luffy is able to match – even surpass – the strength of Oars. That is proof that Luffy’s Nightmare is one of the other powerful powers that Luffy has besides Gear. However, this transformation is no longer used at this time because there is no Kage Kage no Mi user who can insert someone else’s shadow into Luffy’s body.

There was a theory that Nightmare Luffy might return in this Onigashima battle, where it is possible that Moria will join Luffy’s alliance because he feels revenge for his defeat decades ago from Kaido. Forging an alliance with Luffy gave him a chance to defeat Kaido. However, where will Luffy get the shadow supply from? From the existence of Luffy’s alliance troops.

The alliance troops alone numbered approximately 5,000 people. Moriah will probably borrow their shadow for a while, then after that the shadow will return to its original body. This battle itself takes place at night, which could be the battle will be over before sunrise. And the alliance troops will again be able to accept their shadows.

Nightmare Luffy will give Luffy a power boost, albeit temporarily. And this can be one way to beat Kaido, before we were introduced to Gear 5 which rose in chapter 1044 yesterday. Even so, it is possible that we will see Nightmare Luffy again in the future. What do you think geeks?

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