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One Piece: Is This Brook’s Awakening Form?

In the previous few chapters of the One Piece series, fans were surprised by the amount of power-ups of several characters in the near future. An example is we see how Sanji got the power that was genetically engineered by Vinsmoke Judge many years ago. This ability awakens after Sanji uses the Raid Suit.

Then we also saw how Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kid got additional power in the form of awakening their devil fruit, which was used to beat Big Mom. The most recent of course is how we see an increase in strength from Luffy, who managed to awaken his Nika devil fruit. This makes Luffy a very strong figure with these new powers.

It’s interesting to see how this increase in power occurs at almost the same time. However, there is a high possibility that the massive scale of the battle and the high pressure of the battle eventually forced them to exceed the limits of their abilities, which in turn triggered the increase in strength, especially the power of the devil fruit.

Then, who else is the character that might experience an increase in strength, in this case an increase in the power of his devil fruit? If you look at the current situation, Brook is probably one of the other characters who will experience an increase in his devil fruit abilities. Brook is a Paramecia devil fruit eater named Yomi Yomi no Mi, where this devil fruit eater can still live after he dies.

However, this can only be done once. This devil fruit is actually less noticed or underrated, when compared to other epic devil fruits. In fact, if you look at the story, the ability of the Yomi Yomi devil fruit is extraordinary. An example is how Brook is able to control and influence the souls in Big Mom’s Homies, something not everyone is able to do.

Why then Brook who will awaken his devil fruit? Right now, Brook and Nico Robin were in a dangerous situation. They are chased by agents CP-0 who have orders to arrest Nico Robin. Of course Brook wouldn’t just hand Robin over to them. And Brook will fight with his ability.

The problem is that we never know how strong the CP-0 guys are. In chapter 1031 Robin said that the characters wearing masks who were chasing them were not random figures. This means that these CP-0 members have tremendous strength and abilities that might overwhelm Robin and Brook.

And this is proven where X Drake itself can be defeated easily, even one of the underground giants in Kaido’s palace was defeated easily. Apart from the abilities of CP-0 members, Robin’s current condition does not allow her to join the fight, because she lost a lot of energy when she faced Black Maria before. With these conditions, there was no other way for Brook to survive and fight.

It is at this moment that Brook will then be able to awaken his Yomi Yomi devil fruit ability. It is still unknown what the ability of Brook’s Yomi Yomi awakening is, but there is an interesting theory regarding the possible awakening power of this devil fruit. An example is Brook is likely to be able to possess the soul of another person and then control it.

That way, Brook can do anything with the body he possesses. For example, attacking a colleague or beating himself. There is also a theory that Brook will be able to detonate something that Brook later calls the “Master Exploder.” This ability shows that Brook will enter a person’s body and make that person flowed or given a very large amount of power.

With such a huge amount of power, usually the human body will not be able to bear or accommodate its energy, which in the end the body eventually explodes due to an energy overload. An urgent situation like this can certainly make Brook finally unlock the greatest potential of his devil fruit, and become one of the other characters who are shown to be able to do that.

Brook will awaken his devil fruit to protect Nico Robin, and of course it’s interesting to see what the awakening of the Yomi Yomi no Mi will be like. Over the past two years, Brook also seems to have managed to increase Yomi Yomi’s abilities to an unexpected level. Who then trained Brook to do this is still a mystery.

However, of course it will be very interesting if we see how powerful Yomi Yomi is when her devil fruit awakens. Let’s just wait for the continuation of the story in the next chapter, okay? geeks!

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