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One Piece: Is This The Greatest Sin of the World Government?

The World Government is the organization that regulates all life in Eiichiro Oda’s series One Piece. The World Government really regulates all aspects of life from the smallest to the largest. Their decision is absolutely inviolable, and anyone who dares to challenge, challenge or question the decision, even the worst case must be prepared to be accepted.

The government itself in the One Piece story is described as an organization that seeks to give people what they want; peace and prosperity. They try to make peace with the existence of a navy that always catches and destroys the existing pirates. So far, there are still many mysteries that surround the World Government.

Even so, many theories have sprung up regarding the World Government. One of them is the theory of the great mistake they made during the lost century. In this theory, it basically states that the World Government is deliberately killing the human population by flooding their various territories.

In addition, they also create barriers – which are presented in the form of the Red Line – to divide and prevent everyone from uniting against the World Government. The theory itself has several reasons why then the flood became a way to wipe out the human population. The first is Noah’s big ark on Fishman Island.

Noah’s ship, although considered a weak clue, is considered similar to what is presented in the scriptures. The existence of the ark indicates that at one time in the past there was a great flood that occurred, and the great flood was caused by the “gods” who were none other than the heavenly dragons.

The next clue is that the Gorosei often mention “Great Cleaning” or “Massive Cleaning.” This refers to what they did to destroy or eliminate a kingdom, territory, or a people. For example, when they destroyed the Ohara region. In the concept, water is used to clean, so water is used to “cleanse” people.

Then, the name Imu when reversed then becomes Umi, which in Japanese can be interpreted as sea. It is considered the same as the figure of Enel, whose name shows his strength. Next, the sky dragon clan decided to move to the top of the Red Line territory. In fact, they previously had a kingdom or territory that they controlled.

How then they suddenly moved to Mary Geoise raises a big question. This is what then led to speculation that there is a possibility if the Mary Geoise area appeared or was deliberately created because it was the safest place when the flood occurred. The final clue is the helmets used by the sky dragons.

Although it is known that the helmets used by the sky dragons when they are not in Mary Geoise are to prevent them from breathing the same air as ordinary people, there is also a theory that the helmets were deliberately created to allow them to breathe while inside. water.

When a big flood appears and hits an area, when they are in an area affected by the flood, they can still survive or breathe. Based on the explanation above, it is natural that they are then considered the main villains in the series because of the cruelty and sin they committed in ancient times. What do you think geeks?

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