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One Piece: Marineford’s Moments of Destruction!

The naval headquarters or commonly referred to as Marineford is one of the World Government facilities in the world of One Piece. Apart from Marineford, we also know Enies Lobby and also Impel Down which is part of the World Government facilities. Marineford is considered a symbol of justice and peace in the world.

With a world full of pirates and battles, naval bases are often the target or the setting for major and important events in the story. And usually, when that moment occurs, Marineford will be crushed as proof of the enormity of the battle. Here are some moments of destruction from Marineford.

Shiki the Golden Lion’s Assault

Shiki the Golden Lion is one of the legendary pirates in the One Piece story and is someone whose strength level is on the same level as Gol D. Roger. Shiki was able to fight any powerful pirate and win, except for a few pirates like Whitebeard and Roger.

Thanks to the ability of his devil fruit, namely Fuwa Fuwa no Mi, he has the ability to make objects fly, and he can fly. About 22 years ago, Shiki, who learned that Roger was captured by the navy and was about to be executed, did not accept this. Shiki wants Roger not to be executed but killed at his hands.

Finally, Shiki went to Marineford and then fought against Garp and Sengoku who was then still young. The combined strength of the two is able to reduce the tremendous power of Shiki. However, even so, it was undeniable that Shiki had managed to destroy most of Marineford. Shiki himself was later captured and imprisoned in Impel Down.

Summit War/Marineford Great War

Summit War is one of the major wars in the world of One Piece which takes place at the naval headquarters aka Marineford. In this battle, Whitebeard’s pirate group tried to free Ace from execution. The entire fleet of Whitebeard’s group was mobilized to fight.

The entire naval force tries to defend the naval base from Whitebeard’s attack. Even though Luffy managed to save him, unfortunately at the end of the story we see how Ace had to die due to Sakazuki’s attack while protecting Luffy. Not only that, in this battle, Whitebeard also died.

Before his death, Whitebeard had used all of his Gura Gura no Mi abilities for the last time. And the effect of this is part of Marineford split, where part of Whitebeard’s crew is separated from the navy. Whitebeard also said that he would drown Marineford and his body, before then Blackbeard and his group appeared.

After Blackbeard managed to steal Gura Gura, he had time to test the devil fruit which the results were terrible. The ground they stood on became unbalanced and the Marineford building split apart. Blackbeard had boasted that he would destroy all of Marineford, before he was successfully stopped by Sengoku.

The battle at Marineford is not only one of the big battles in the One Piece story, with evidence of Marineford’s destruction, but also the battle that has the most devil fruit users so far in the One Piece series. Also this is one of the phenomenal moments because of Ace’s sad death.

Marineford is one of the most important and significant places in the One Piece story, because there are many important events happening at Marineford. In addition, many important decisions related to the navy were made at Marineford. Although it was destroyed several times, Marineford still remains strong today.

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