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One Piece: These 5 Characters Can Abandon Children!

In the One Piece story, inheriting the determination to the next generation is one of the themes carried by Eiichiro Oda. Oda tries to show how the determination of a person is passed from one generation to another, as is the case today where Luffy is said to have inherited the will of Gol D. Roger.

Because of that, there are some characters who try to pass that determination to their descendants. Even so, the fact is that not all parents decide to be responsible for caring for and taking care of their children. There are some characters who are known to have abandoned their children from a young age for some reason. Then, who are they? Here is the review.


Yasopp is one of the top commanders in the Red Hair Pirates. His popularity and reputation as a sniper is already very popular, and it is even said that Yasopp is the best sniper in the series today. Since he was young, Yasopp is known to have extraordinary shooting abilities.

This is what makes Shanks interested and invites him to join. However, behind the fame of Yasopp’s figure, he had the heart to abandon his son to live life as a pirate. Yasopp’s own son is Usopp, who is now part of the Straw Hat pirate crew. Usopp is also a sniper in Luffy’s crew following in his father’s footsteps.

Nico Olivia

Nico Olivia is the mother of one of the Straw Hat crew, Nico Robin. Olivia is known to have died in the Buster Call attack on the Ohara area decades ago. Together with Jaguar D. Saul, Olivia is attacked with Kuzan’s ice technique. Nico Olivia herself is one of the scientists who researched the Poneglyph, along with other Ohara scientists, such as Dr. Clover.

Unfortunately, Nico Olivia is known to have abandoned her child, Nico Robin. Because he is a researcher and also a person who tries to uncover what happened in the past, Nico Olivia had the heart to leave Robin, until they met again. Unfortunately, their reunion before the Buster Call became Robin and his mother’s last meeting.

Monkey D Dragon

Monkey D. Dragon is one of the most important characters in the One Piece series, considering that he is the leader of one of the largest organizations in history. Dragon is the leader of the Revolutionary Army organization, and is known as the worst criminal in the entire world. This gives an idea of ​​how terrible and dangerous the Dragon figure is.

Even so, Dragon is known to have abandoned Luffy since he was a child. This made his father, Monkey D. Garp, who then took care of and took care of Luffy – although not fully. It is still unknown why Dragon decided to leave Luffy, but it is possible that he did so to start the Revolutionary Army organization.

Big Mom’s Parents

Before Big Mom lived and lived in an orphanage that belonged to Mother Caramel, Big Mom had had a pair of parents. However, the identities of Big Mom’s parents are still unknown. One day, Linlin, who was 5 years old at the time, was escorted by her parents to Elbaf Island. There, they confessed that the father had to leave because of some business. Linlin was asked to wait on the island.

Despite initially refusing, Linlin was finally willing to wait after her mother allowed her to eat as much candy as she could. After the incident, Linlin’s parents never returned or appeared. There are still many mysteries that arise from that moment, for example how Linlin’s parents who have normal bodies have a child who has the body of a giant.


Shanks is a popular and charismatic figure, just like the main protagonist in the series, Monkey D. Luffy. In the One Piece story, Shanks is a figure who is quite popular and respected even though he actually appears very rarely. It is still a big question why then Shanks can be so respected by many parties, even the Gorosei though.

The latest facts show that it turns out that Shanks has a daughter who is quite mature named Uta. This fact is known from the latest trailer for the film One Piece Film: RED. Shanks had mentioned that even though they were separated, Shanks always thought of him as his daughter. Besides Uta, Shanks is also speculated to have abandoned the child from his relationship with Makino. However, this is still only speculation and cannot be proven true. Maybe the reason Shanks left his son was the same as Yasopp left Usopp.

So far, the reason they abandoned their children is still not known with certainty. Perhaps they had a good cause, leaving their children out of harm’s way. Or maybe they abandoned their children just to achieve their dreams as pirates. What do you think geeks?

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